Twine & Rope Wrapped Vases

Most of these vases I found around the house or in cabinets because I was bored with them.  Plain clear glass vases.  I ended up buying one, the one in the first picture from Walmart for about 5.00.  I purchased some twine and sisal rope from Lowe's, it's all one the rope/rope cutting aisle.  First, clean your vases and make sure you have plenty of glue gun sticks.  For my first run, I probably overused the glue.  I pretty much covered the vase as I went.  But the twine tended to slip a little easier than the rope.  So over-gluing is probably not a bad idea.  I started at the bottom of this one and all you do is just wind it, wind it, wind it.  Around and around, until you are at the top!

And then, you'll have this!  I love this look!  It's very simple, natural and earthy.  I haven't found the right flowers for this yet.  I think it will get a fall arrangement soon!

With the second one, I wanted a chunkier look.  So, I used the Sisal Rope, and a different shaped vase.  This one was on the top shelf of my kitchen cabinets, holding spare mini-grapevine balls.  Down it came, and the wrapping commenced.  I didn't have to use as much glue because the rope held it's shape better and didn't slip as easily.  I put a line of glue about every 1/4 to 1/2 way around each loop.

I started at the top of this one since the opening was pretty large.  I wanted it to have the look of it all being rope, so I wrapped the inside opening first, working my way up the inside, and then down the vase.  It totally achieved the look I was going for.  Oh how I love when that happens!

The finished look.  I think it turned out to be my favorite!  Keep reading, you'll see what I did with it at the end of this post!

Then, there was two taller, round vases that we used at our wedding for candles.  They got a good wrapping too.  Since I was running low on rope and twine by this point, I added some canvas with some stenciled numbers on them about 2/3 of the way up.  I was excited that this turned out how I pictured it in my head.  This doesn't always happen.  Believe me.

Just glue a strip of appropriately sized canvas around the vase, and cover with a row of two of the rope or twine to hide the seams. 

The chunkier rope needed a little something.  I didn't like the contrast of the thin material and the thick rope.  So this is what I came up with.  3 signifies the month we got married in, and there are three of us in our little family...including the dog, he would be seriously offended if he was left out ;o)

The second one wrapped with twine and canvas.  7 is my favoritest number, so of course it had to be included.

I did these over the course of two days.  It does take some time, but it really is an easy project.  Cheap too!  Especially if you already have a lot of extra glass vases hanging around.  Hey, glass anything really.  Wrap some mason jars, or glass bottles, it would all work!

And, here's how I'm using them right now.

This little one for pens on our coffee table was a little addition a few days later when I was frustrated with the abundance of pens laying around with no where to go.  I dug out a little jar that held pumpkin butter from Cracker Barrel last fall.  It got the same treatment and the number 5.  That is for the day we were married on.

Oh how I so love the way these fall flowers just fit with this vase.  Yeah, this is definitely my favorite so far!  It's the first of my fall decorations this year.  Many to follow soon!  I'm getting impatient.

Plus, I got these flowers really cheap at Michael's.  All of their fall bouquets were 40% off, and I only needed two.  I'm loving that the stores are starting to bring out their Autumn decor. 

Happy wrapping!


Ash said...

I love these! I want to try to make some for my bathroom.. I spent all weekend trying to figure out the number 7! I never knew it was your fav number! I had the 5 right and thought the 3 was for the month, so I was close! :)

Karen said...

Oh.My.Gosh! LOVE this idea, and really love the #3 one. Also the 7 and 5, but the #3 really got my attention. You so smart!;op
Love ya Christiemichellebelle!!!

breakmydreams said...

Very pretty and creative :)