My College Man

Jason started back his college courses last weekend, he's only about 3 semesters away from having his bachelor's in Electronic Engineering.  SIU (Southern Illinois University) comes down here every other weekend to teach, so his degree will actually be from there, which is pretty cool considering he has done all the work here in good ole NC!  I am so proud of you, babe!  Keep up the good work, you are so much smarter than you give yourself credit for!!!


I Think We're Covered!

New swim trunks - ü
Kite for flying at the beach - ü
Water Cannons for the water war that will surely ensue once in the pool - ü
Splash Football - ü
Beach Ball - ü
Blow Up Pool Baseball - ü
All the ingredients to make a certain boy's fave chocolate chip cookies (with his help of course!) - ü
An Aunt and Uncle ready for their nephew to visit next week - üü

Our sweet nephew (along with his Mommy and Daddy) is coming to visit next week, to be followed by the rest of the family on Friday for my birthday:)  I have the best family ever!  I love y'all and can't wait to see each one of you next week!


Holding Him In Our Hearts Until We Can One Day Hold Him In Our Arms

I've been reflecting a lot lately.  I've been at a loss for words, but the time seemed right tonight.  The past month has been a blur, it's been one of the most emotional months of my entire life.  I went through the most horrendous loss with my sweet little sister.  Her second baby, another baby boy, named Landon James, went to be with Jesus before he got his time on earth.  They say he was sick, too small.  So, these past few weeks, I've been clinging to the fact that my precious nephew is in the arms of our Savior, and that He is holding him for us until we will meet him one day in Heaven, and that he is not sick now, but perfectly healthy and happy, and that he is up there playing with our grandfathers, along with all our loved ones that have gone before.  I still have moments where the emotions are overwhelming, and I miss little Landon so extremely much.  I didn't ever get to meet him here on earth, but the connection had already formed, and the fact that we all wanted him so much made us all fall in love immediately.  My darling Ashley is one of the strongest women I know, she is a wonderful mother, and I have no doubt that her Landon knew his mommy and how much both of his parents loved him (along with his big brother, grandparents, aunts and uncle!)  But he will be waiting on us all in Heaven, and I think he will be one of the first ones to greet us when we get there!  I love you, my beautiful nephew, and will miss you everyday.  Until we meet in heaven...