It's off to the mountains to celebrate our 3rd Wedding Anniversary (Wednesday, March 5) this week, and then home to visit our families. I've missed everyone SO much...it's been since the end of December since we've seen everybody...except Ash and Austin who saved me from my homesickness these past two weeks with a surprise visit:) We had such a fun two weeks, and Matt came in on the weekends. It was medicine for my soul. Today I am catching up on housework that I let slide a little while they were here while Jason is at school and then we are off bright and early in the a.m. for what we hope to be a very restful week. Since we didn't get to spend last anniversary together due to the deployment, we decided to make this one a little more special;o) Have a great week everyone!

***Happy Anniversary, Sweetie...I love you so much!!!***



1 step forward, 2 steps back...

Jason finally got his truck functional. He has finished the interior for the most part, and he and our brother in law, Matt, installed his new L.E.D. tail lights and tag light this past weekend. He was taking it to be inspected this evening at this little back roads inspection station that was down a very unkept dirt road when he hit a huge pot hole. Since his truck is lowered, this is the damage it incurred.When he got out to see the damage, his door closed, locking him out (the door handles are shaved, and the door has to be opened with the key) with it still running. He cut his forearm all up trying to get back in. When he got back in, he had to come back without getting it inspected...since you can probably tell, it wouldn't be passed.

My poor hubby, he has worked so hard on the truck. This is something he can fix, since he knows how to weld, it's just a lot more work that he wasn't planning on having to do. He's just started going back to college (which I'm so proud of him for), but it's every other weekend...usually. The first two weekends, he has to go both (last weekend and this weekend)...so by Sunday, he will have been going 12 days without a day off. He's exhausted, discouraged, and aggravated.

Thank goodness we are going on our anniversary trip next week...he needs the break. I think I need to go give him a back rub.



Fifty-one years ago, Herman James, a North Carolina mountain man, was drafted by the Army.

On his first day in basic training, the Army issued him a comb. That afternoon, the Army barber sheared off all of his hair.

On his second day, the Army issued Herman a toothbrush. That afternoon, the Army dentist yanked seven of his teeth.

On the third day, the Army issued him a jock strap.

The Army has been looking for Herman for 51 years.


Hip Hip Hooray!

Ashley, Matt, and Austin are coming to visit today!!! I'm so excited. I haven't seen any of my family since December and I was getting pretty homesick. But, now I'm grinning ear to ear because Ashley called last night and said they'd be here today! YAY! Plus, we found out yesterday that Jason's Master Sgt. is going to push our leave through so we can go on our anniversary trip the week of March 3 and then we'll spend a few days at home with family afterwards. They weren't sure if they were going to let us go because Jason's unit was doing some special training that week, but it worked out. I can't wait 'til they get here. Matt will be here through the weekend since he has to go back out of town for work next week, and Ashley and Austin are going to probably stay through the week:) Anyways, I'm off to shower and get ready to run some errands before they arrive! I'll be a little MIA while spending much needed family time with them this week. Everyone have a great weekend and following week!


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I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's day with the ones you love!!!


Jason's Project

Jason likes to trade vehicles...often. In the past 4 years, he's traded 7 times! It seems he's pretty happy with his current project though. He likes the air bagged, body dropped, modified stuff. He has a '94 Dodge Ram now. The older and more seasoned, the better. He's working on building the center console now, and that's where his speakers will go for his system. He's redone the interior from tan to black, and is waiting on some more fabric to finish. It was this ugly primer blue color when he traded, but he's getting ready to paint it (he's multi-talented) black and silver...well that's the plan today, until he actually buys the paint it could very well change. Here's a few pics from Saturday. I'll keep you posted on his progress!
Headrests and visors drying in the sun...who knew they made interior car paint!
Trying to get the dash out:
Needed a helping hand.
The new interior color (it was tan):


A quick update

Ahhhhhhhh...finally feeling better. Thank goodness this flu strand was a short lived one, and not the week-to-two week one. I did all the laundry, all the blankets, sheets, towels, and pillow cases that were contaminated and Ly*sol'ed the whole house...door knobs, light switches, sink and toilet fixtures, couches, remotes, keyboards...lol. And since it's a sunny, breezy 70 degrees here at the beach, we got a cross draft going by opening the front windows and the back sliding door, and hopefully aired out any remaining germies! My throat is still a little scratchy and I can tell I'm still not back 100%, but it beats the last several days for sure. My lower back hurt so bad at one point, I thought I might possibly break right in half. Thank goodness for Tylenol, it kept my fever right at 100 or below the whole time. When I get much higher than 100, I've always gotten delusional and I start hearing things. Ever since I was a kid...no fun. Anyways, Jason is back to normal and outside working on his truck with a friend. His friend's wife (who is my friend:)) is coming over after she gets off of work for me to trim her hair and then they are having dinner with us. Chicken casserole...Mmmmmm. So, I'm off to take some pictures of my honey and his "work in progress". I'll post some a little later;o) Oh, and thank you to all who were praying for my speedy recovery...it worked!


I've got it...I thought I was in the clear, but I guess I wasn't. Jason is better, he was feeling better Sunday, so hopefully mine will be as fast moving, like his was. Man, this stinks...what's the point of a flu shot if I still got the flu?


No fun

I'm so dazed right now. It's Friday night and we spent the better part of last night in the ER with Jason. He has a nasty case of the flu, so bad last night that he was willing to go wait in the dreaded ER waiting room. He's feeling a little better tonight, but still achy, feverish, and coughing up a lung. He had the new "flu nasal spray" vaccination instead of the shot, which is supposed to be more effecient, unless you are Jason and don't inhale it and let it drip back out. I'm hoping that's how he got the flu and that my flu shot will protect me from it. Waiting's the hard part, lol, not knowing if I'm gonna wake up with it. I ran all my errands today while he was sleeping, so we have groceries and our rent is already paid if I do get sick. He slept most of the day, so now he's now wide awake, and I'm trying to stay awake to keep him company...wonder how long I'll hold out...