A Change of Plans

Mom and I are going a week from today to go find a house back in Jacksonville. There are a lot that I like, and I'm pretty sure they will be going like hotcakes. I'm so excited and praying for God's direction on where we find one and that it will be what we are looking for. Some things we'd really like to have are 1) a fenced in yard for the dog, 2) a fireplace, 3) a laundry room, and 4) a decent sized kitchen with a pantry, oh..and 5) a garage (Jason's request). I've found several that have these qualities, but some of them are in the next town over, giving Jason a 25-35 minute commute depending on traffic. So, I'm just trusting God will show me the house we are supposed to have, and that it won't take looking at 100 houses to find it! We will be leaving Monday and have until Thursday to find one. We're staying at the Holiday Inn Express, which is centrally located between all the little towns, and is nice and clean, and with free hot breakfast to boot:) And, it's nice that it worked out that I got one of the remaining rooms for that week that qualifies for the military discount. I will hopefully be posting lots of pictures of our new house next week!



Kojak is totally spoiled rotten, don't ya think!?
And Vader (Matt and Ashley's cat), hates Kojak, as you can tell from the hissing face. Kojak gets this from him on a daily basis, but the funny thing is, Kojak still loves Vader and is always wanting him to play...if we could only hear what they are thinking...
Pets...gotta love 'em.


I Wasn't The Only One

That missed Jason like crazy!
Austin wouldn't let go of him once he got him:) It was so sweet.

Austin and Uncle Jason:

And then there was the greeting from our pup, he wanted to sit on his head:

A little calmer now, he didn't leave his side:

I think it's safe to say we all missed Jason so, so much! Everyone else got their hugs in too, and he was surrounded by love from the whole family. We spoiled him good to get him through the rest of the deployment. Which, by the way, has been SHORTENED!!! YAY! Instead of Feb. or March, I will have my sweetie home before Christmas. They are scheduled to leave in the first of December! Mom and I will be going house shopping the first week of November, and we are hoping to move me in the weekend of November 20. A busy rest of the year ahead, and I can't wait!

New Hair:)

Before (Kissin' my honey!):

It was time to update from summer blonde to autumn brunette. The new color is actually very close to my natural. The consensus so far is the new is better! It took a few days to grow on me, but now I'm lovin' it!