This Week's Highlights

Jason is in between having classes on deck, so he has normal working hours again, and has weekends off!  Well, 'til the end of the month anyways.

We finished building the lean-to off the back of our shed last night!  Thank heavens.  It looks great, J did most of the work, I was just the assistant.  We just have to make some shelves and hang them, buy a few hooks for tools, and put some gravel inside for the mower, oh, and decorate it.  I'll post pictures soon!

My fall stuff is coming out.  Today.  I hope.  J has to dig it out from storage for me.  Because I'm afraid of spiders.  And lizards.

Our friends, Brad & Ashley came to visit last weekend.  It was a lot of fun.  We went and saw the Battleship in Wilmington.  First time for us, and we've lived here for almost 7 years.  It was toasty though, I think we will probably go see it again this fall or winter when it's cooler.

Kojak got a haircut!  Yay! 

J and Brad got the engine back in the Eclipse.  Another yay!  Can't wait 'til that car is up and running again.

I fashioned a blanket basket for the living room to collect all the stray blankets in one area.  The basket doubles as a photography prop sometimes, but it is also the perfect blanket holder.  I used some scrap wood to make a rustic sign with left over paint.  I roughed it up and made it look shabby.  I used letters from my Cricut to stick on after the first coat of black, then sprayed the off white over top.  Roughed it up with sandpaper and a paint scraper, and peeled off the letters.  Then I just attached it with some twine.

We occasionally check out the Big Lots here to see if there are any deals.  It's across town, and definitely not the nicest one I've even been to, but it's worth a quick peak once in a while.  They had citronella lanterns on clearance for the end of the season.  Real metal ones with glass globes.  And for only 4.00 a piece!  Score.  I took the citronella candles out, and will be replacing them with fall scented candles.  But first, we will take them apart and paint them black.  I have a really cute idea for them.  Can't wait to show you!

Our bi-weekly date night is coming up tomorrow (it will be more like a day this time).  I really look forward to these.  We've enjoyed finding creative ways to "date" without spending much or any money.  For just the cost of gas, and probably a cheap meal, we are going thrifting and window shopping in Atlantic Beach.  I'm lucky to have a fella who will do those things with me.  And actually enjoys it.  He's all about some DIY stuff.

J and I were able to take a walk the other night.  It was the coolest evening we've had in a long time, so we took advantage.  It was nice to breathe in some fresh (not so horribly humid) air, and enjoy the breeze coming from the rain showers that we had on and off all week.  We did some scouting for some nature themed decor.  Can we say free!  We found some small dead trees that had the perfect type of branches for floor vase fillers.  They will get a coat of paint soon.  And, I've started collecting some pine cones for the fall and Christmas decorations.  Now if we could just have that cool weather back.

OH!  I just found out this week that HOBBY LOBBY is coming to Wilmington.  Yeah, it's about 45 minutes away, but up until now, I didn't have a Hobby Lobby within driving distance.  The closest one is about 2 1/2 hours away.  You can't even imagine how happy this makes me!

Enjoy your weekend, I plan to:)

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Karen said...

Love these updates! Cannot wait to see pictures of your new lean-to. The basket idea is a great one, and those signs you could totally sell.
Yay for Hob Lob! I haven't been to ours in ages.
Not spending money is our motto, but as soon as we got it out of our mouths, we had BIG plumbing issues. :/
Love you!