A Little Crafting

Yarn wrapped glass bottle turned into a vase (complete with some lilies J picked for me).  Saw this on pinterest, pinned here.  I plan on doing something like the picture on pinterest with several of these, but this is yarn I had on hand, so I figured I'd give it a shot before I bought more yarn.  Mod podge and yarn is all I used!

A little container of pain medicine that you can pick up at the checkout of a grocery store for a few bucks, usually containing Advil or Tylenol.  I cut out a piece of scrapbook paper to fit and covered the tube with mod podge and glued the paper on, and then sealed it with another coat of mod podge.  Same thing with the strip of ribbon on the cap.  So easy, but such a fun way to re-use those little containers.  Now I refill it with my Tylenol, Advil, or whatever little pills I need to carry with me!