Thank you for all of your sweet birthday wishes!!! You are all so kind! I had a wonderful 25th birthday:)

Like my mom said, these past two weeks and the coming months are going to be a bit of a blur, and I really am sorry I haven't been around much, my heart is just not in blogging right now. I feel like I'm rushing all the time, and when I do sit down at the computer, it is to talk to Jason, and then I usually pass out as soon as he gets off! I hate that I'm so far behind on everybody's posts and daily happenings, but I promise to catch up with y'all soon! So, I guess this is my official leave of absence. I want to do blogging because I enjoy it, and right now with life being so nuts, I feel like it's become more of an item on my to-do list! And, please don't take it as reading y'alls posts is a chore, I have still been running by here and there and reading here and there, but not so much on commenting. I will be back, not sure how long, but I will be back! I hope you all are having a glorious summer! Big Hugs...


And the answer is...

Okie Dokie...the answers to my Balderdash post are:

1. True. I do not and have never dealt well with stress. I tend to push things down and try to ignore them, and this is the way it comes out. My first one happened when I was working at a daycare. They are very few and far between, thank goodness, but still no fun when they do happen.

2. True. LOL. I am a certified nursing assistant (not currently practicing) and while I was in school for this, we had to do clinicals at a nursing home. One of my patients for the day was a woman in her 90's who was bedridden. I was assigned to give her a sponge bath. Long story short...she didn't let me.

3. True. First time when I was five, they got infected even though my mom cleaned them and took very good care of them (I'm not a good healer), we let them grow up, got them done again at 8...they did it again, waited until I was 18 and they finally healed up, got my second holes when I was 19, they were fine, and got my cartiledge pierced when I was 20.

4. True. My dad was pulling me with his boat with my mom and sister and another couple who were friends of my parents on board. I fell, and the drunk people thought it would be funny to scare my parents and came straight towards me, I was told that they came within feet of me. My mom was in the process of jumping out of the boat to get to me when they cut away, laughing. Needless to say, we found them on the lake later and my dad's friend drenched them and their boat with a wall of water from his kneeboard (he was pretty good, lol).

5. True. 4 times for passing out, once by ambulance when we lived in California because Jason couldn't wake me up and I had a seizure, the other time I was taken by ambulance was from the daycare when I had my first panic attack, I couldn't breathe.

6. False. I WISH! He has been at our base, but unfortunately, we did not get to meet this wonderful man.

7. True. We had not seen our family in 7 months and we were putting the pedal to the metal. We switched off driving and got cross country in 2 days. We only stopped in East Tennessee b/c it was 10 at night and everyone at home would be asleep when we got there, so we slept...slept hard, got up at 8 and finished the drive.

8. True. I petted a wolf when we lived in California (remember, we lived in the desert), he had been caught by animal control roaming people's backyards, and they didn't have the heart to put him down since he hadn't harmed anyone, so they were holding him until a wildlife place came and got him, he was there when we were looking for dogs, and they let us pet him. I held a snake in 5th grade at a reptile show that came to our school. And, I hand fed dolphins at SeaWorld...it was awesome.

9. True. I have NEVER flown, nor do I want to!



Jennifer has tagged me to do the post where I tell you nine facts about myself, one being untrue. Your job is to pick out the one that is not true:) Good luck! I'll let you know the answer in a few days.

1. I suffer from panic attacks.

2. I've been smacked by a 90-something year old woman.

3. I've had my ears pierced 5 times.

4. I learned to water ski when I was seven years old and not long after, was almost hit by a boat full of drunk people while skiing.

5. I've been taken to the Emergency Room 5 times, two of those times were by ambulance.

6. I have met President Bush, he came to visit our base last year, and he did a meet and greet.

7. We (my hubby and I) drove all the way from California to eastern Tennessee without stopping to sleep.

8. I have petted a fully grown wolf, held a snake, and hand fed dolphins.

9. I've never flown in an airplane before.

Happy guessing!

If you would like to play, consider yourself tagged!