A Few Fall Favorites

1.  Butter London nail polish.  I've never tried it before, and I had a 3.50 off coupon for Ulta (which is the only store that carries it around here), so I picked up the normally 14.00 bottle in the color All Hail The Queen.  I'd seen it numerous times on pinterest, and really liked the color.  It lived up to it's hype.  It's so pretty for fall.  And I'm on day 5 with no chips, that's a record for me!  I really like this formula.

Here it is on my nails:

 2.  Dunkin Donuts!  It is so "fall friendly".  With all of their wonderful pumpkin drinks, apple cider, pumpkin muffins and donuts, and the new apple orchard donut (YUM), it is hard to stay away.  I've done good, but man, sometimes, ya just gotta.

3.  This pumpkin scones recipe from here.  It's supposed to be like Starbuck's.  I have not tried these at Starbuck's, so I don't know if they are.  But I can vouch that they are GOOD!  I made them one morning when my fam was here last weekend, and the leftovers gave me breakfasts for a few mornings.  This was a leftover, I didn't have any more of the spiced drizzle, so I just drizzled plain glaze over it, still amazing.  Paired it with some coffee (and pumpkin spice creamer), and it was perfection.  (Sorry about the fuzzy picture, low lighting and my iphone, but you can still tell how divine it looks.)

I'm so happy fall is here, and today actually feels like fall here at the beach!  Highs in the low 60's!  Just wish it was sticking around.


A Work Bench For Me!

After my sweetness disappeared outside for a while one afternoon, I went to see what he was up to.  He was out in our shed, cleaning it out, and figuring out a plan on how to add a work space for me in our smallish work area/shed.  It was going to be complete with a flip up design so that we can move it to get our Christmas tree in and out of the corner come that time (which is SOON!).  With this plan, we needed to run to Lowe's for a few supplies.  Hinges, hooks/latches, and wood.  After wandering around this hardware wonderland, we just couldn't justify spending 30.00 on a piece of plywood that we were only going to use about a third of!  That's when we happened upon the scrap (already cut) pieces by the big cutting machine, 3 pieces about the perfect size were just being tossed off.  After flagging someone down, we asked if we could buy scrap pieces, and the guy told us we could just take them.  YES!  He just saved us 30 buckaroos, making the whole project a little under 25 dollars.  He made my day.  Well, after J did by configuring this whole project.  I got my day made twice;o)  So, home we went with the wood spanning the length of our car, over the folded down seats, and into the trunk.  But it fit.
Taking the wood home to get started.
Our 3 free pieces.
After some more planning, we decided to use the Kreg to butt two of the pieces together to make the top, then J framed out the bottom for extra support.  (The third piece of free wood is going to go on the top of an old broken saw horse to become a spray painting bench for me.)

Getting ready to attach the table top to the wall.  It was way heavier than it looked!

Added the hinges on the top to fold up, and then put on the hinged table legs that would swing down out of the way of aforementioned tree (see corner).  J also put little leg stops that are low enough on the floor that we won't trip over them, but just high enough to keep the legs in place when the table is in use.  Smart fella, that J.

Then we added two hooks to attach it to the wall in the up position when needed.

Folded up, it is so functional.

And then I got to add all of my stuff!  What you can't see is the other side of the shed where J's work bench is.  Mine is so much neater and prettier.  He keeps trying to sneak some of his overflow over from his bench to mine.  I'm hip to his tricks though.  They get tossed back on his side with the quickness.  No mess on my side!  Well, unless there's a project happening, but then it's only temporary mess.

Isn't it just SO neat (neat as in cool, but it is neat too..did you expect any less?)!  My hunny really is good to me.  Love you, Sugar Britches!


New Hand Towel Holders

Our guest bath (the master too, really) needed some hand towel rings/holders.  I didn't want to go buy any, so we started looking through our scrap wood, and found enough 1x2 boards to make some.  The inspiration came from here.  But instead of horizontal boards, I did vertical.  I used three at 8.5 inches each, attaching them with the Kreg Jig on the backs.  I stained each board before attaching them, using Rustoleum stain in Dark Walnut.  I made a few rosettes from some extra white linen that I had from a pillow case and hot glued those suckers on, added some rubbed bronze hooks on there from Lowe's, found here, for only 1.46 a piece (score!), and attaced some saw hangers on the top corners of each one, and hung 'em!  I think they work perfectly in there.  (Sorry about the lighting, I was in a hurry, and there is not a lick of natural lighting in our guest bathroom, but you get the idea!)

Quick project that took me all of about 45 minutes to make both, and now each wall/sink has it's own towel hook.  Love it:)