New treats for me!

We went home this past weekend, and as always enjoyed our time with family. Like my mom said, "The weekends are just enough to make you want more time." I left home with some new goodies from my Momma. She has had this vintage strawberry container that I have wanted since she got it. I have always thought it would look so cute in my red/red fruit kitchen. Well, all the ones we've found in the antique stores have been between 15 and 20 bucks. My Momma found a new thrift store that she tried out and guess what!? There sat my strawberry and for a much thriftier price;o) And in wooooonderful condition.Then, after searching for several weeks for a quilt for our bed, since our down comforter is too heavy for the summer months, I asked if I could borrow the one that I have always loved from my Momma and Daddy until I could find one. Momma said that they don't use it on their bed anymore and with Daddy's ok, it was ours:D Yay! We stopped on our way back and picked up some new sheets to match, got home, washed the sheets and promptly made up the new bed. I'm in love with the way it looks in our room!

Thank you, Momma! I love you!



Going home today! I miss my family terribly, but with the huge increase in gas prices, we can't go home as often as we used to. But, this weekend is our weekend to go home! Yay! We're leaving after Jason gets off of work. I can't wait to see my family!


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Sick...blah, yuck

Wouldn't you know it. "Rapid" Strep is what my doctor called it. After an hour and a half wait in the waiting room...they "fit" me in. An hour and a half! I literally thought I was going to fall out in the floor. Now we all know how pleasant a waiting room full of sick people is. I've had strep before, but I don't think it's been this bad before. I feel like I have the flu and strep throat. My whole body aches, my head hurts, I'm burning up, then I have chills. Thank goodness for drugs. I just took my first round of antibiotics and a prescription amount of Ibuprofen for the aches and pains. The heating pad is helping with the stabbing lower back pain. And thank goodness for a sweet hubby that called in to be able to take me because I was too weak and light headed to drive this morning. He fanned me and rubbed my back trying to keep my as comfortable as possible in the hard, straight back metal chairs in the waiting room, then went and filled my prescriptions, and got me set up on the couch. He was able to stay with me for a bit longer to make sure I wasn't going to have any weird side effects from the new meds, and is now going back to check in. He said he would bring me a milkshake when he gets off. A little "babying" is always appreciated when you feel your worst. I wish I could get and stay well. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired:(



My father in law came through his surgery just fine. Today he was able to get up and walk for a short time. He's healing well and and the surgeon thinks the surgery is going to be successful. They took him in late, and we stayed until he was settled in a room. We got home at 2 a.m. Exhausted, but happy that the surgery went well. Thank you for all the prayers! He should be able to go home by the end of the week.
Tuesday was a not so good day, as I woke up with a nasty dizzy spell. The room was literally spinning to the left, so much so that I couldn't walk. It has happened once before about 3 years ago...my guess is possibly my inner ear/drainage issues or possibly a blood pressure issue. I have good blood pressure, but my doctors have suggested before that it might go wacky when I get up too fast. A little phenegren and laying flat for several hours finally got my bearings back, but the anti-nausea medicine knocked me on my butt for the rest of the day. Better today though, hopefully no more spells.
Now off to catch up on some laundry, vacuuming, and dusting...yay;o)


Prayer Request

Quick post...my father in law is having vein replacement surgery today on his legs. He has several blod clots and this is a risky surgery, but needed if he is going to have a better quality of life and be able to walk without intense pain. It's a four hour procedure, we are traveling to go see him today, and if you feel led, please say a prayer for a successful surgery and that he comes through it ok. It's starts at 12:40 and is a four hour procedure. Thanks and God Bless.


Yep, we're staring down the barrel of another deployment. This one...13 months. At least it's not really soon. It will be sometime at the first of 2009. God is good...all the time. He got us through the first one, He'll get us through this one. It's just never easy to hear the words, "I'm being sent back". I'm thanking Him that we have all this time before he goes back, but I know it will fly by...as long as the year following flies by too...


Thank God for answered prayers! I'm feeling especially blessed today. The Lord is good!!!


Dry Sockets...

2 of them...blah!


4 teeth less...

Well, I made it through having my wisdom teeth taken out. First, let me say...anesthesia is some awesome stuff! As soon as they turned on the IV drip, it wasn't five seconds and I was OUT! My doctor, anesthesiologist, and assistants were awesome, very comforting and friendly. And man, did I need the comforting, I was so nervous I couldn't sit still. It's so strange to me that they can put you to sleep and you don't recall anything...anything. It's like that short little period of time is just blotted out...fine with me! One minute I am sleeping the best sleep of my life, the next I am waking up in this fog. Even though I was completely groggy, my immediate reaction was to thank God that I was back awake! Then ask for my husband.
~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~
They were pretty quick, I think, I remember looking at the clock right before 9 am and then looking at it when I woke up and it being 9:43. Jason called to update our family and took me home. About 20 minutes later I started really waking up, and realized that they must have used a whole truckload of Novocaine on me because I was numb from the top of my cheek bones (right under my eyes) to way beneath my chin and part of my neck. It didn't all wear off until about 11 that night! My dear friend Tiffany came and sat with me while Jason took care of filling my prescriptions. Now, I can tell you it was a sight trying to eat pudding when you are that numb (couldn't take pain meds on an empty stomach!).
~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~
My Momma made it in close to 5 and stayed until this morning. She's back safely at home. We had such a good visit. She made me lots of warm, soft food, and gave me lots of love and attention as only a mother can. I was blessed with little pain yesterday, so we were able to get out and do some errands and some leisurely shopping, catching up on some much needed mother-daughter time.
~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~
Unfortunately today, the pain is a little stronger. I'm hoping it's not a dry socket:( The pain medicine is giving me some relief, and I'm making sure to have frozen packs on hand for my jaws. My right lower jaw is the one hurting, but that one was also the most impacted. My top one are quickly on their way to feeling normal again, and the other bottom left (also impacted) is just somewhat sore. I'm fortunate not to have any bruising, just some swelling around my jaw bones. My re-check is Wednesday, and that is when they will take out these stitches. If the pain is worse in the morning, I'm calling first thing Monday, no waiting until Wednesday.
~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~
Thank you to everyone who prayed for me. I so very much appreciate it! And boy am I glad it's over! Now to go eat some mashed potatoes and take my medicine!


Awww man

Constant pit in my stomach. Restless, sleepless nights. Mind racing a million miles a second. Nerves making my insides flip flop...yep, that's what this week has been like for me. All because of the dread over Thursday's wisdom teeth surgery. 2 of them are partially impacted, so only minor cutting is needed. Because of my extreeeeeme nervousness, they are putting me to sleep, which I am nervous about too. I've never had anesthesia, so I'm hoping I don't have some crazy reaction to it. My nature is to think about the worst possibilities, and they don't help with the stupid video they show at your consultation, stating all the things that could happen. I'm praying it all goes smoothly with no problems or side effects and a quick recovery. The upside of this (there actually is one) is that my Momma is coming down for a few days since Jason only gets Thursday off to take me to the appointment and he has school this weekend. She's going to take care of me and make me my favorite potato soup:) A girl likes to have her Momma with her when she doesn't feel good...no matter how old she is. When I get out my fog, I'll update.