Moving Update...Sorta

I know some of you are waiting on a much anticipated "moving post" (cough cough..Renea:o)), BUT I am waiting until Jason comes home and sees it in person first, and I know if I post pictures here, he will cheat and look at them (I know you well, honey). But, we are all moved in, most everything is hung up, put up, set up, and arranged. I even have all of my indoor Christmas decorations up (I know, you are all impressed, lol). I'm putting my outdoor stuff up after we return from Thanksgiving back home. Kojak is settling in nicely, and LOVING his big fenced in yard! I will, for sure, have lots of pictures of not only the house, but Jason seeing his new house for the first time, in a few short weeks. 19 or 22 days is the time of arrival. I have had SO much to do lately that it really hasn't sunk in. I think after Thanksgiving, everything will hit me with a big dose of reality! I will come back from the holiday, do an overall cleaning of the house, and get Jason's car ready (which he hasn't seen that either!), and then the real countdown begins!
I've been fighting a bad cold this week, and I'm going hoarse, so that has put a little damper on things, but I'm pushing on as much as possible. I had to get a new military ID and a new base sticker since Jason reenlisted, I'm trying to help a friend that is moving back from Arizona find a house here, and the base pharmacy won't let me transfer my prescriptions over unless I have all new prescriptions. How retarded is that!?! Sooo, I had to make a doctor appt. to get all new Rx's, and nobody can see me until Monday (the day we are supposed to be leaving to go home for Thanksgiving). Gosh, I'm ready for a week of relaxing with my hubby! When he gets back, he has 3 half days of post deployment briefs, and then he has 4 days off, and I am SO SO SO looking forward to that!!!


Our Sweet Little Austin

Is 5 years old today! I really can't believe how fast it has flown by. I remember how excited I was on this day five years ago...impatiently awaiting your arrival. We planned and planned for that day and when you came, we were all so happy. You gave us a little scare that first week, but you pulled through and you are such a strong, beautiful boy. Your love for God, for your family, and for life in general is so pure, so genuine. The fact that you tell people that you love them just because your feeling it warms my soul. You have blessed our lives in so many ways, that I can't even begin to name them. I can't imagine what life was like before you, nor do I want to! So, on this day, your 5th birthday, I hope you have a wonderful day. I'm so glad I get to spend this day with you. I love you so much!