Merry, merry Christmas! I hope each and every one of you have a blessed Christmas with your loved ones.
Jesus is the reason for the season.


For those of you that read my mom's blog, you know the happenings of the last week. For those of you who don't, my dear grandaddy passed away last Wednesday afternoon after a long fight with heart disease. He had a personal relationship with God and we know where he is now. As much as we all miss him so much and are grieving, we are also so happy that he is no longer hurting and now is in perfect health and in the arms of our Lord and Savior. I won't re-tell everything because most of you read my momma's blog, if you would like to read it, you can go here. The ceremony was Saturday, and was a beautiful celebration of his life.
1 Corinthians 10:13 (NLT) says: "The temptations in your life are no different from what others experience. And God is faithful. He will not allow the temptation to be more than you can stand. When you are tempted, he will show you a way out so that you can endure."
This verse has run through my head many times since last Monday when we first found out Grandaddy was slipping away. He IS faithful and will not give us more than we can handle. He loves us and will get us through. Our family has been under fire, so to say. After the ceremony on Saturday, Jason had to take me to the ER. This cough that keeps hanging on advanced to the point to where I could no longer get more than a short, strained breath. Being asthmatic and diabetic, they took me back pretty quickly. After a 6 hour visit, a CT scan on my chest to rule out blood clots in my lungs (who knew this was even a possiblity!?), X-rays, blood work, a breathing treatment and an IV, I was released with the diagnosis that it was a nasty case of bronchitis, verging on pneumonia. We headed home on Sunday to be able to get me back close to my doctor if needed. My antibiotic has caused me sleep deprivation and extreme dry mouth. I am running on about 6-7 hours of sleep in the past 78 hours. I'm going back to the doctor this afternoon. My cough is loosening, but my whole chest and back are aching, and every cough attack feels like a million tiny knives are stabbing into the middle of my chest. Thank the Lord that Jason was able to get leave until Thursday so we were able to travel home, so he is home taking wonderful care of me. Again...God doesn't give us more than we can handle.
Several of our family members are still sick with coughs and colds too, I'm not the only one. My mom being one of them. I stand amazed at my momma's and my grandmother's strength through all of this. Yes, it's been hard with lots of tears, but both of them are such examples of strength and Godliness. I admire them both more than they will ever know. Ending on this note, I am taking some time until after the holidays and probably won't be around here too much. I want to thank you for all of your prayers and words of comfort at my mom's blog and those that have already sent sweet comments to me. I hope you are all enjoying your Christmas season. Love in Christ.


Another busy weekend

Today, here in a short while, will begin another hectic weekend. I have to go by and pay rent, complain yet again to them about our neighbors who refuse to turn their music down late at night (I don't like to be a nark, but you can only take so much of your walls rattling b/c of their surround sound and music...up until midnight some nights!), make a bank run, take a friend to a doctor's appointment, then she and I are going shopping so I can finish Jason's Christmas (after this, I am completely done Christmas shopping...YAY!), then home to pack for a quick turn around trip. We are supposed to leave tomorrow to head home for the night, in order to make it to Jason's step-sister's wedding on Sunday at 2:00pm, their wedding is about an hour from my family's house, so it's much easier to spend the night instead of trying to make the turn around trip in a day. I'm not liking the time for this since we have to be back for Jason to go to work Monday bright and early, but what can you do? We'll go to the ceremony, make a brief appearance at the reception, but then we have to get back on the road. I'm trying to persuade my sissy to let me bring my precious nephew back for the week since they will be down on Friday. Hopefully she'll say yes;o)
We would try to head home this evening, but we are trying to limit the stay to one night since I am allergic to my family's new addition, Jazz. I couldn't get in to see the dr. until Monday about some kind of allergy medicine or shot or whatever, so I can survive one night with my trusty inhaler. I love cats, but around the age of 13/14, I developed allergies to them. I had them growing up and it stinks that now they make me wheezey, sneezy, and itchy. Especially now that they have such a sweetie pie of a kitty. I've heard that they have shots for it, and I'm definately not scared of shots...so what's one more?
I still have this whooping cough that keeps me (and Jason) up half the night. He is so patient, he never complains and absolutely won't let me sleep in the guest room even though I've offered so he can at least sleep peacefully. It's not bronchitis though, so that's good...I just have to wait it out...ugh:( Well, time to get some breakfast and jump in the shower to start my day. I hope you all have a blessed weekend and I will try to get around to visit tonight/tomorrow morning before we leave.


The death of a vacuum

Wouldn't ya know it, our vacuum died the day we brought the huge, live Christmas tree into the house, covering the floor in a gazillion pine needles! We cleaned the hoses, tubes, and the little wheel thingies on the bottom where the sucker-uppers are, replaced the bag, everything possible to save our $39.88 Wal*Mart bought vacuum. It got us through the first 2 1/2 years of our marriage...not a very long life for a vacuum. But it was just 39.88. Soooo...off to the PX (Post Exchange) on base to get a new, trustier vacuum. A little pricier, but still a good deal on base...no tax either;o)

The old, dead vacuum:

The new one with cool bells and whistles:
This one is bagless (hip hip hooray), has a hush mode, a power boost button, is self propelled, and has cool attachments for stairs, ceiling fans and corners. Okay, so I'm excited over a vacuum, but one must have a dependable vacuum when you live at the beach and your front yard is sand;o)


Christmas Tree Hunters

As our family does every year, we headed to the mountains the Friday after Thanksgiving in the search of the perfect Christmas tree. It was a chilly 35 degrees and we even got a few flurries while we were hunting. Sadly, Ashley and Austin couldn't join this year as they came down with the icky cold that is now engulfing our whole family. It took Austin out first, then Alaina, Ashley, Momma, Matt and now me. Blah. BUT, we found the perfect Christmas tree despite colds, ear aches, hacking coughs, and runny noses. Daddy and Alaina picked theirs out, Jason and I agreed on ours, and Matt trudged up to the top of the tree lot and found one for his family.

Hunting our tree (look close, you might see the flurries!):

Momma, Daddy, and Alaina before Mom headed back to the car:

Jason wiggling our measuring pole to have our tree cut down:

We got an 8 footer this year;o) We've got it up and decorated, and put the finishing touches on the house decorations last night. I will post pictures after my family has come down and seen it on December 7th.

Now...a few cute pictures of our Thanksgiving afternoon fun!

Austin didn't like the leaves until his Dad and Uncle Jason jumped in:

Then it was all smiles:

Jason and Matt doing front hand springs into the leaf pile (still kids at heart):


232nd Marine Corps Birthday Ball

Soo sorry about the delay on the pictures. We had some hold ups yesterday with some friends of ours having some problems. But hopefully everything is starting to settle back down.
So we had a really good time at the ball. I can't believe it's come and gone already! Everything was beautifully decorated, and the hotel was old and full of charm with ball rooms, even a room dedicated to pictures. We had a guest speaker who was in the Navy and has written several books, and then the cutting of the birthday cake, and then we ate some pretty awesome food! Afterwards, we danced the night away with each other and the girls boogied down together too, lol. We definately had a romantic, fun filled ball.

Our 232nd Marine Corps Birthday Ball:

Leaving for home tomorrow morning early. Now I have to finish laundry and pack! I'll be back after the holiday. I wish you and yours a blessed Thanksgiving!


Time to go!

Going to the ball, y'all! Gettin' my "hair did" at 1:00, and then off to our little water side town to celebrate the Marine Corps birthday. After we spend the night, we'll hang out down there a while tomorrow, and Amy, hopefully I'll have pictures posted tomorrow night or Monday:) Have a wonderful weekend!


Just Call Me Santa's Elf

I worked on Jason's mother's Christmas present last night since I couldn't go to bed early anyways. When you live near a mortar range and they want to drop them at all hours of the night, it's kind of hard to sleep. Especially when they drop the ones that rattle your walls! I started with this inexpensive vase that had a few bad spots in the paint. It has a pretty vine like design, and I think it has character.I started with a clear sealant paint that is supposed to help paint stick better and painted it along all the lines in the vine.Then, after a 30 minute drying period, I followed with this pretty metallic looking blue paint that matches the walls of her living room. I finished it off by covering the whole thing with the sealant paint.I think it turned out pretty nicely. We are planning on putting some fresh flowers in it before giving it to her, accompanied by a yummy seasonal Yankee candle:)

It's All Good

It's all good...news from the doctor! Remember a few posts back, feeling like a pincushion after the doctor's visit? Well, she called me last night...herself (which impressed me), and wanted to tell me my results. First I had a hemoglobin A1C test, which is just an average of my blood glucose for the past 3 months. I was expecting it to be bad with the crazy few months I've had, but it was a 7.3! What that means is my average blood sugar is 183. Not exactly where it needs to be, but close! Very close! My target range is 100-150. I've been told that in the past, to get pregnant, that they like the A1C to be at least a 7. This is much better than levels I've had in the past. So, I'm pretty happy with this level. She also ran blood tests on my internal organs (it amazes me they can see so much from blood tests) to see the effects of being diabetic for 13 years. There are NO signs of diabetes taking any toll on my liver or kidneys, and she said everything looked excellent! That is pretty awesome!

So, I have my first high risk Ob-Gyn appointment next week, and I'm starting with a workable A1C, we're getting close to being in the shape I want to be in for babies! Yay!


Five Things Meme

Karen at Over the Back Yard Fence has tagged me to do this fun little meme, so here we go!

FIVE THINGS FOUND IN MY ROOM (I picked my living room):
1. My pencil leg table that my mom gave me that I have wanted since she got it:)

2. Quilt rack that my mom also gave me, that goes quite nicely with my rustic decor.

3. Jason's entertainment center...PS3, Wii, DVD, HD Cable...lol.

4. My cozy reading/knitting/cross-stitching spot complete with the comfiest pillows ever.

5. My little mouse figurine that sits on my bookshelf that my parents gave me when I was little.

1. Visit New York City
2. Have kids
3. Go to Disney World
4. Live in the NC mountains
5. Build a log cabin

1. Diabetes test kit
2. Emergency kit
3. 4 different lip glosses
4. Sunglasses
5. Wallet

1. Pictures of family
2. Driver's license
3. Military ID
4. Credit/Debit Card
5. Mini lists of Christmas present ideas

1. Photography (I need to post on this sometime)
2. Scrapbooking (this too!)
3. Knitting...I'm a newbie
4. Preparing for the holidays
5. Getting ready for kids, and making sure I'm healthy enough for it

I'm supposed to tag 5 people now, but I say if you feel like doing this one, be my guest! It was fun:)


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Christmas Shopping

I am determined to have my Christmas shopping done in a timely manner this year. No waiting 'til last minute. I want to enjoy the Christmas season, as it is my FAVORITE time of the year.

I don't like crowds, they put me in a BAD mood. Really, it justs makes me want to punch someone. I know that is awful. But, seriously, I drive across town to the commissary that is further away just because they are never crowded (which is saying alot with gas at $3.09 a gallon now!). Yes, I have one 5 minutes away, but to me, it's not worth it because I come out of there as ill as a hornet, no...as ill as a whole nest of hornets (if that's possible). I just am not a patient person when it comes to waiting, and waiting...and waiting in looooong lines, biting my tongue when someone whips their cart in front of me and then just stands there looking at the same thing for 20 minutes, knowing I'm trying to look at something right in front of them, the parents who let their children scream endlessly...AT THEM, because they aren't getting their way, the people that almost run you over and don't even acknowledge you. It's already started...today I was at Wal-Mart, walking on my side of the aisle, when a guy, no older than me, walked right down the WRONG side, right in front of me and refused to move over to his side, forcing me to move over even though I was on the right side, then smirked when I had to get out of his way. He would have literally ran me over if I wouldn't have moved at the last second. What happened to chivalry, yep...in most cases, it's dead (I am thankful everyday that I met a prince charming and not an evil villain).

So, all that being said about how much crowds disturb me. I want the month of December to be full of shopping-free bliss, snuggly nights by the Christmas tree, baking yummy Christmas treats (oh boy, I have a list going for this one), Christmas lights hayrides at a local farm with my family who is coming to visit in December, catching as many Christmas specials on t.v. as I can, loading my Ipod with all my favorite Christmas tunes so that every time I'm in the car I will hear sounds of the season, sipping hot chocolate while wrapping my pre-holiday bought gifts by the tree...you get the idea, lol.

Well, now that I'm very much in the Christmas mood, I am going to go look over my list and see what I have left to get. Only 13 days 'til Thanksgiving, and then that Friday, our Christmas season begins...YAY!

Flu Season

Yep, it's that time again. As a diabetic and an asthmatic, I have to get the flu vaccine every fall. Today was my dr. appointment, so I got the shot, had blood drawn for my 3 month blood sugar average, and got referred to a high risk Ob-Gyn to take the steps towards getting off the pill, dealing with my menstrual migraines, and ultimately, having a baby.
Well, I feel like a pincushion (even more so than usual, lol), but I'm vaccinated and updated on all my meds and "conditions". Even though I dread doctor appointments, I always feel better once I go.
So, I start prenatal vitamins tonight:D That's a step in the right direction of becoming a mommy. I am excited and SO nervous! This is where I leave it in God's hands...


Long Lost Blogger Returns

We are back home, settled in again, and Jason has gone back to full days at work. I am back to my job as his wife and homemaker, and I think we are finally used to "normal" life again. We had a wonderful 2 week leave. We spent 7 days in Gatlinburg, TN and a week at home spending time with family. Now we are gearing up for the ball (that is in 18 days!), Thanksgiving back home with our families, and my sister-in-law's (Jason's step-sister) wedding on December 2nd.

As you can probably see, our vacation was WONDERFUL, a much needed getaway, we enjoyed cool weather all week. We went to Dollywood, Ober Gatlinburg, several Ripley's attractions, walked downtown Gatlinburg almost every night, enjoyed the beautiful rivers, mountains, and forests, did some outlet shopping (I found my ball jewelry and Jason got me a Carolina Panthers jersey...Steve Smith, number 89 baby, lol), went to the Nascar Speedpark, horseback riding through the mountains, and enjoyed some absolutely delicious food. We also enjoyed rest and relaxation time in our cabin. We had a fireplace that we used every night, and a hot tub on the deck that was perfect for the chilly evenings. Since we had a full service kitchen, I made a romantic dinner for our second night, chicken fettucine alfredo with sparkling cider...yum.

Nearing the end of our vacation, my sweetie accidentally dropped my camera and it shattered the insides. Now as a scrapbooker and a blogger, I got a little teary...Jason was determined to get me a new one right then and there. I wanted to wait until we got home and just get by with disposables. But Jason is a bit hard headed and he got me a new one that day. He got me the upgraded version of my old one and to top it off, they now have it in pink! I love it, and it takes the same battery and memory card as my old one.

Well, just a little update on what we've been doing and where I've been. I need to go get ready for this evening and find some old clothes that I don't mind being "slimed" in. We are going to a haunted trail on base tonight with some friends, and the flyer said that "humans WILL be slimed", lol. I will be by to visit everyone over the next couple of days. Have a blessed week!

Oh...I just have to share one more picture...this is one I took of Jason and Austin the first day Austin saw Jason, it was like he never left. He missed his uncle, and held his hand and was grinning from ear to ear the whole car ride...PRECIOUS!


Happenings, and My Current Leave of Absence

I am alive...in case you were wondering;o) Ever since Jason's been home, the computer has been at the bottom of my list. His unit has been wonderful about keeping them out of the shop and at home as much as possible. He goes in at 7:30 am and is home by 9:30 am...leaving us plenty of "us" time, and not much computer time. We have enjoyed the beach, the local islands, new restaurants, quiet evenings watching movies and cooking dinner, and on and on! I am sorry I haven't come by to visit...I will be back though! Next Friday we are heading back home, and from there, on Monday, we are headed to our week long vacation in Gatlinburg, TN!!!!! I made reservations at an adorable little cabin for a whole 7 days, I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!! Then it's back to Dad and Mom's for 4 days before he has to check back in. I know, I know, I am a slacker about getting around to your blogs, but I hope y'all understand:oD BUT, I did want to share what my sweetie surprised me with last week:Yep, a new car! Man, do I have a keeper or what?!? A new 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo:) The red color has an orange tint to it, and I've actually never seen this red on any other Jeep. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was fine with my old Jeep, it was my old trusty, but he said he wanted something brand new and ultra reliable since we want to start a family soon, something we could keep for a long time, and of course he knows his wife is a Jeep gal.

To give you a little background: most people know that military members do not make a ton of money, but we only have 1 car payment...mine. To be able to keep me home, like we always talked about, Jason drives a '98 Prelude that is completely paid for, and actually loves it. What a wonderful, selfless man I married. I am blessed.


Homecoming Day



I'm posting probably for the last time for a few days, the time is 9:43 pm on Monday night, and I literally have only hours before I am reunited with the love of my life!!! We made it, this deployment is over!!! I am typing through tears as the reality is just now settling in that tomorrow morning I will be in his arms once more. It hasn't really felt real, ya know? Tonight it does. I hung my last sign at the entrance to our neighborhood, tied my welcome home balloons on our mailbox, washed our sheets, ironed them and remade the bed, ironed my outfit for tomorrow morning, drew welcome home graffiti on my car windows with white soap (it shows up great and washes off much easier than car window paint), and just now set 2 alarms to make sure I wake up in plenty of time to get ready, and take care of my last minute in-the-morning chores. Jason called around 6 tonight, they had landed at their last stop before the US of A! A small layover and they were headed back to American soil. I give thanks to the good Lord above for keeping him safe thus far, and trust that He will guide them safely home the rest of the way. I'm sorry I won't be around to your blogs for a few days, but I think y'all will understand:) I will post the homecoming pictures as soon as I can!!! Thank you all for following and praying me through this journey, you all have been such a blessing.



I finally talked to Jason this morning, and he is safely at stop #1. Thank the good Lord above! They are on schedule and so that means.......2 DAYS AND 13 HOURS TO GO!!!!!


Happy Birthday To You!

My youngest sister, you are so loved. I hope your 12th Birthday is the best yet!


Prayer Request

Jason is leaving at 5 am eastern time! There are several stops that they have to make along the way, therefore not getting back until Tuesday morning. If you don't mind, please pray for him and for safe travels. I am SO excited, but still a little on edge knowing he will be doing so much flying over the next several days. Thank you all so much, all of your response and prayer support for Jason and for me, has so touched my heart. 4 days y'all, 4 days:)


Not on my check list

Double earaches caused by fluid behind the ears causing dizziness and nausea...NOT on my checklist.But, thank goodness that since the snotty lady at my doctor's office told me I could NOT be seen until NEXT Tuesday, the Immediate Care office down the road said they could see me at 9:30. Whew! And they took military insurance, another Whew! They saved me a 4 hour wait at the ER. My local Walgreen's is working on my Rx right now, and hopefully I will be feeling better by this evening. Thank goodness that there are still some compassionate health care providers out there!

September 11, 2001

Thank you, sweetie, for fighting in the War on Terrorism. Even if you can't read this now, you will when you get home. I love you. And thank you to every man and woman who is continuing to fight to defend our nation against terrorist attacks. We will never forget what you are fighting for. 6 years ago today our nation was shaken to the core, but we did not lie down and take it, we are fighting back. Thanks and remembrance goes out to each and every service member and their families who have had someone serve, who is serving, and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. God Bless America.



Eyebrows Waxed........................................Check

New Outfit for Homecoming.....................Check

House Completely Set Up..........................Check

Hair Colored.................................................Check (well, appointment made for Friday)

Pedicure........................................................Check (this is for Friday too)

Family Arrival Date Set..............................Check

Jason's Arrival Date.....................................Check (Oh, this would be next Tuesday morning!!!!!!!!!!)

I'm ready, don't ya think???



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I hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend and that you have a wonderful Labor Day!

An update on Jason:

He is feeling much better. He said his neck is still pretty stiff, but he's not hurting as much. He is off of his pain meds. now and only takes a muscle relaxer when he can't get comfortable enough to sleep. Thank you all for praying for him, I have no doubt that it helped with a speedy recovery!

And, lastly, my holiday weekend overview. My friend, Mandi came in on Friday night, and stayed through until this morning. We, along with my friend Tiff (whose husband is deployed with Jason), spent the day Saturday in a small coastal town not far from here hitting up the surf shops and playing putt-putt! We finished the day by having dinner at a local restaurant where we ordered the best stromboli's that I have ever tasted!
Mandi, Me, and Tiff
She cheats, lol...
This place is a blast!Sunday, we spent the majority of the afternoon making our welcome home signs! We made one for the guys' unit, and we made each of our husband's an individual one. We hung them up on the fence before you get to the main gate on base. Today we are going to finish up by making one more each for the fronts of our houses.

Making the first sign:
After I finished Jason's sign:

Hanging on the fence!!!



I got a phone call at 4:40 this morning. It was Jason. I have been on edge since yesterday afternoon, after not getting a phone call or an email (you see, when the phones are down, he can usually still get out an email from work). By last night and still no email by 1 a.m., I was feeling a bit panicked. The phone call early this morning started: "I'm ok, but..." Never what you want to hear. Jason has been doing martial arts training (they do this in the marines to train them for hand to hand combat), and yesterday during an exercise, they thought he broke his neck. It popped 3 times, and he could barely move it without a large amount of pain. He was taken to the hospital out there by military ambulance on a flatboard in a neck brace and headblocks. Thank our good Lord above, that after x-rays, they ruled it a bad strain with no fractures. They are letting him do guard duty in the tent (it's a big circus looking tent that his unit is staying in), and they have him on muscle relaxers and Vicodin if the pain gets too much. I figured they would let him have the day off, but I guess not over there. He's not one to take medicine very often, but he will when he is hurting. We are so close to the end, I'm getting very nervous about any type of injury. We've made it so far. It could've been worse, I know, but I just have a helpless feeling because he is thousands and thousands of miles away, and there is nothing I can do. It's completely out of my hands. I know this is where I have to turn it over to our most loving, and caring God, but by nature, I am a worrier. It's my downfall, and the sin that I battle with more than anything.
On the brighter side, we went to a post-deployment brief for the spouses of deployed marines in our unit. AND, I now know the flight "window" for Jason's company and unit. He will be departing Iraq between September 16 and the 19th. After travel time, he should be here several days after. Not as soon as I'd hoped, but the 1st of September is tomorrow. So, approximately 3 weeks, and my heart will be whole again! Thank you all so much for your continued prayers, it really has meant so much to both of us.


The Ball

This year we finally get to go to the Marine Corps ball! The first year, we were traveling cross country from California. The second year (last year), he was gone for training for 6 weeks. And this year...he will be back, and we get to go!!! The date this year is for November 17th. Just a quick note...the Marine Corps ball is to celebrate the birthday of the Marine Corps;o)
Well, I don't know many girls who don't like to buy a new ball gown and feel like a princess for a night. I have a certain dress in mind, it's simple, but I think it's quite elegant, and black is always classic, what do you think??? Everybody and their sister wears red to the ball, so I'm trying to stay away from red! (Sorry the picture is not very good quality, but you get the idea.)The dress has pockets, how ingenius is that!? Plus, I already have ideas for my hair including a matching black satin head band;o) I called yesterday and made reservations at the hotel where we will be staying that night. The ball is going to be in a different town about an hour from here. The ball will be held at the same hotel that we are staying in. We figured it was going to be over late, that there will probably be some stupid ones who drink and think they can make the hour long trip back, therefore putting ours, and many other lives in danger, and of course, it will be nice to stay away from home for a night. I love staying in different cities, in different hotels...if they are nice of course. This hotel has a pretty reputable name, so I'm not too worried. Any place you have to pay $9.00 daily to park has to be pretty upscale, wouldn't you think?
I'm a little exctied, but I bet you could never tell, lol.



I am in, I am unpacked, I am EXHAUSTED! If you read my mom's post, we got in even with us all being sickly and my dad feeling awful (thank you to all who were praying for him). Dan was our last saving grace by Friday evening. He helped us get everything from storage here and unloaded. Ashley and Austin came down Sunday after Daddy, Momma, and Alaina went home to get Dad to feeling better. They stayed with me until yesterday, and last night I finally unpacked the last box, and hung up the last curtain. Last night was my first night alone, and it was loooooong. I heard every bump, scratch, and of course it had to thunderstorm. But I made it through and feel much better today. Of course, it's not dark out yet, so we'll see...

The yard men are here today, trimming our horendous yard. Maybe the bugs will clear out a little...yes, BUGS! And lots of 'em. I sprayed the whole perimeter of our townhouse, and doors and windows today. After I saw my 4th black widow spider (all outside thankfully), I had to do something. Daddy killed the first one on the front door, then today I found one in the garage, and 2 underneath our sliding glass door in the back. EWWWWWWW! I hate bugs, especially spiders, and especially, ESPECIALLY poisonous ones!

So, moving along...it's picture time:)

Welcome to our home!

Our living room:

The door on the left is the bathroom, the door on the right is our storage closet:

The kitchen:

Our Guestroom:

Guest Bath:

Our Computer/Craft Room:

Our Bedroom:

Our Bathroom:

So, that's most of the house, the more interesting parts anyways, the washer and dryer are in the garage, and I didn't figure that was a super exciting photo opp. The downstairs half bath is really cute too, it's done in an Outhouse theme, I just forgot to take a picture of it. I hope you enjoyed the tour as much as I am enjoying it all being DONE!

I will be around to visit this evening and tomorrow hopefully:)