Another busy weekend

Today, here in a short while, will begin another hectic weekend. I have to go by and pay rent, complain yet again to them about our neighbors who refuse to turn their music down late at night (I don't like to be a nark, but you can only take so much of your walls rattling b/c of their surround sound and music...up until midnight some nights!), make a bank run, take a friend to a doctor's appointment, then she and I are going shopping so I can finish Jason's Christmas (after this, I am completely done Christmas shopping...YAY!), then home to pack for a quick turn around trip. We are supposed to leave tomorrow to head home for the night, in order to make it to Jason's step-sister's wedding on Sunday at 2:00pm, their wedding is about an hour from my family's house, so it's much easier to spend the night instead of trying to make the turn around trip in a day. I'm not liking the time for this since we have to be back for Jason to go to work Monday bright and early, but what can you do? We'll go to the ceremony, make a brief appearance at the reception, but then we have to get back on the road. I'm trying to persuade my sissy to let me bring my precious nephew back for the week since they will be down on Friday. Hopefully she'll say yes;o)
We would try to head home this evening, but we are trying to limit the stay to one night since I am allergic to my family's new addition, Jazz. I couldn't get in to see the dr. until Monday about some kind of allergy medicine or shot or whatever, so I can survive one night with my trusty inhaler. I love cats, but around the age of 13/14, I developed allergies to them. I had them growing up and it stinks that now they make me wheezey, sneezy, and itchy. Especially now that they have such a sweetie pie of a kitty. I've heard that they have shots for it, and I'm definately not scared of shots...so what's one more?
I still have this whooping cough that keeps me (and Jason) up half the night. He is so patient, he never complains and absolutely won't let me sleep in the guest room even though I've offered so he can at least sleep peacefully. It's not bronchitis though, so that's good...I just have to wait it out...ugh:( Well, time to get some breakfast and jump in the shower to start my day. I hope you all have a blessed weekend and I will try to get around to visit tonight/tomorrow morning before we leave.


The death of a vacuum

Wouldn't ya know it, our vacuum died the day we brought the huge, live Christmas tree into the house, covering the floor in a gazillion pine needles! We cleaned the hoses, tubes, and the little wheel thingies on the bottom where the sucker-uppers are, replaced the bag, everything possible to save our $39.88 Wal*Mart bought vacuum. It got us through the first 2 1/2 years of our marriage...not a very long life for a vacuum. But it was just 39.88. Soooo...off to the PX (Post Exchange) on base to get a new, trustier vacuum. A little pricier, but still a good deal on base...no tax either;o)

The old, dead vacuum:

The new one with cool bells and whistles:
This one is bagless (hip hip hooray), has a hush mode, a power boost button, is self propelled, and has cool attachments for stairs, ceiling fans and corners. Okay, so I'm excited over a vacuum, but one must have a dependable vacuum when you live at the beach and your front yard is sand;o)


Christmas Tree Hunters

As our family does every year, we headed to the mountains the Friday after Thanksgiving in the search of the perfect Christmas tree. It was a chilly 35 degrees and we even got a few flurries while we were hunting. Sadly, Ashley and Austin couldn't join this year as they came down with the icky cold that is now engulfing our whole family. It took Austin out first, then Alaina, Ashley, Momma, Matt and now me. Blah. BUT, we found the perfect Christmas tree despite colds, ear aches, hacking coughs, and runny noses. Daddy and Alaina picked theirs out, Jason and I agreed on ours, and Matt trudged up to the top of the tree lot and found one for his family.

Hunting our tree (look close, you might see the flurries!):

Momma, Daddy, and Alaina before Mom headed back to the car:

Jason wiggling our measuring pole to have our tree cut down:

We got an 8 footer this year;o) We've got it up and decorated, and put the finishing touches on the house decorations last night. I will post pictures after my family has come down and seen it on December 7th.

Now...a few cute pictures of our Thanksgiving afternoon fun!

Austin didn't like the leaves until his Dad and Uncle Jason jumped in:

Then it was all smiles:

Jason and Matt doing front hand springs into the leaf pile (still kids at heart):


232nd Marine Corps Birthday Ball

Soo sorry about the delay on the pictures. We had some hold ups yesterday with some friends of ours having some problems. But hopefully everything is starting to settle back down.
So we had a really good time at the ball. I can't believe it's come and gone already! Everything was beautifully decorated, and the hotel was old and full of charm with ball rooms, even a room dedicated to pictures. We had a guest speaker who was in the Navy and has written several books, and then the cutting of the birthday cake, and then we ate some pretty awesome food! Afterwards, we danced the night away with each other and the girls boogied down together too, lol. We definately had a romantic, fun filled ball.

Our 232nd Marine Corps Birthday Ball:

Leaving for home tomorrow morning early. Now I have to finish laundry and pack! I'll be back after the holiday. I wish you and yours a blessed Thanksgiving!


Time to go!

Going to the ball, y'all! Gettin' my "hair did" at 1:00, and then off to our little water side town to celebrate the Marine Corps birthday. After we spend the night, we'll hang out down there a while tomorrow, and Amy, hopefully I'll have pictures posted tomorrow night or Monday:) Have a wonderful weekend!


Just Call Me Santa's Elf

I worked on Jason's mother's Christmas present last night since I couldn't go to bed early anyways. When you live near a mortar range and they want to drop them at all hours of the night, it's kind of hard to sleep. Especially when they drop the ones that rattle your walls! I started with this inexpensive vase that had a few bad spots in the paint. It has a pretty vine like design, and I think it has character.I started with a clear sealant paint that is supposed to help paint stick better and painted it along all the lines in the vine.Then, after a 30 minute drying period, I followed with this pretty metallic looking blue paint that matches the walls of her living room. I finished it off by covering the whole thing with the sealant paint.I think it turned out pretty nicely. We are planning on putting some fresh flowers in it before giving it to her, accompanied by a yummy seasonal Yankee candle:)

It's All Good

It's all good...news from the doctor! Remember a few posts back, feeling like a pincushion after the doctor's visit? Well, she called me last night...herself (which impressed me), and wanted to tell me my results. First I had a hemoglobin A1C test, which is just an average of my blood glucose for the past 3 months. I was expecting it to be bad with the crazy few months I've had, but it was a 7.3! What that means is my average blood sugar is 183. Not exactly where it needs to be, but close! Very close! My target range is 100-150. I've been told that in the past, to get pregnant, that they like the A1C to be at least a 7. This is much better than levels I've had in the past. So, I'm pretty happy with this level. She also ran blood tests on my internal organs (it amazes me they can see so much from blood tests) to see the effects of being diabetic for 13 years. There are NO signs of diabetes taking any toll on my liver or kidneys, and she said everything looked excellent! That is pretty awesome!

So, I have my first high risk Ob-Gyn appointment next week, and I'm starting with a workable A1C, we're getting close to being in the shape I want to be in for babies! Yay!


Five Things Meme

Karen at Over the Back Yard Fence has tagged me to do this fun little meme, so here we go!

FIVE THINGS FOUND IN MY ROOM (I picked my living room):
1. My pencil leg table that my mom gave me that I have wanted since she got it:)

2. Quilt rack that my mom also gave me, that goes quite nicely with my rustic decor.

3. Jason's entertainment center...PS3, Wii, DVD, HD Cable...lol.

4. My cozy reading/knitting/cross-stitching spot complete with the comfiest pillows ever.

5. My little mouse figurine that sits on my bookshelf that my parents gave me when I was little.

1. Visit New York City
2. Have kids
3. Go to Disney World
4. Live in the NC mountains
5. Build a log cabin

1. Diabetes test kit
2. Emergency kit
3. 4 different lip glosses
4. Sunglasses
5. Wallet

1. Pictures of family
2. Driver's license
3. Military ID
4. Credit/Debit Card
5. Mini lists of Christmas present ideas

1. Photography (I need to post on this sometime)
2. Scrapbooking (this too!)
3. Knitting...I'm a newbie
4. Preparing for the holidays
5. Getting ready for kids, and making sure I'm healthy enough for it

I'm supposed to tag 5 people now, but I say if you feel like doing this one, be my guest! It was fun:)


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Christmas Shopping

I am determined to have my Christmas shopping done in a timely manner this year. No waiting 'til last minute. I want to enjoy the Christmas season, as it is my FAVORITE time of the year.

I don't like crowds, they put me in a BAD mood. Really, it justs makes me want to punch someone. I know that is awful. But, seriously, I drive across town to the commissary that is further away just because they are never crowded (which is saying alot with gas at $3.09 a gallon now!). Yes, I have one 5 minutes away, but to me, it's not worth it because I come out of there as ill as a hornet, no...as ill as a whole nest of hornets (if that's possible). I just am not a patient person when it comes to waiting, and waiting...and waiting in looooong lines, biting my tongue when someone whips their cart in front of me and then just stands there looking at the same thing for 20 minutes, knowing I'm trying to look at something right in front of them, the parents who let their children scream endlessly...AT THEM, because they aren't getting their way, the people that almost run you over and don't even acknowledge you. It's already started...today I was at Wal-Mart, walking on my side of the aisle, when a guy, no older than me, walked right down the WRONG side, right in front of me and refused to move over to his side, forcing me to move over even though I was on the right side, then smirked when I had to get out of his way. He would have literally ran me over if I wouldn't have moved at the last second. What happened to chivalry, yep...in most cases, it's dead (I am thankful everyday that I met a prince charming and not an evil villain).

So, all that being said about how much crowds disturb me. I want the month of December to be full of shopping-free bliss, snuggly nights by the Christmas tree, baking yummy Christmas treats (oh boy, I have a list going for this one), Christmas lights hayrides at a local farm with my family who is coming to visit in December, catching as many Christmas specials on t.v. as I can, loading my Ipod with all my favorite Christmas tunes so that every time I'm in the car I will hear sounds of the season, sipping hot chocolate while wrapping my pre-holiday bought gifts by the tree...you get the idea, lol.

Well, now that I'm very much in the Christmas mood, I am going to go look over my list and see what I have left to get. Only 13 days 'til Thanksgiving, and then that Friday, our Christmas season begins...YAY!

Flu Season

Yep, it's that time again. As a diabetic and an asthmatic, I have to get the flu vaccine every fall. Today was my dr. appointment, so I got the shot, had blood drawn for my 3 month blood sugar average, and got referred to a high risk Ob-Gyn to take the steps towards getting off the pill, dealing with my menstrual migraines, and ultimately, having a baby.
Well, I feel like a pincushion (even more so than usual, lol), but I'm vaccinated and updated on all my meds and "conditions". Even though I dread doctor appointments, I always feel better once I go.
So, I start prenatal vitamins tonight:D That's a step in the right direction of becoming a mommy. I am excited and SO nervous! This is where I leave it in God's hands...