Autumn Scents

I must say, it's smelling awfully fallish around our house:)


And The Bathroom is DONE!

Painted cabinets, new mirrors and lights, and an paintable wallpaper accent wall:

Baseboards, new towels, and matching barn star:

And Crown Molding:


Coming Soon...

Yes, I am getting ready to decorate for fall.  I do not care that it is August 19th.  I am evoking a cooler spirit in my house in hopes that the outdoor temps will soon follow.  I'm excited:)  Pictures to come!



So many times, I hear people complain about how much they hate Jacksonville, and while I can relate when it comes to talking about the main drag in town where every other building is a "buy-here, pay-here" car lot, a tattoo parlor, a strip club, or a pool hall, the rest of this area of NC is absolutely beautiful!  Not many people can drive 10-20 mins. and be at the beach, eating at a restaurant overlooking the ocean.  So I choose to see the blessings in living in a not-so-desirable military town.

Our view at dinner a few weeks ago:


Our First Watermelon

We are really enjoying the fruit (literally) of our labor in the garden this year!  It has saved us so much money at the grocery store.  My favorites have been the squash, zucchini, cantaloupe, watermelon, and TOMATOES!  But I thought I would show you a picture of our very first ever home grown watermelon.  It was so sweet!  I hate seeds, but this one was worth it!

Isn't it beautiful?!



I finally convinced Jason that aviator sunglasses were HOT!  I think all I had to say was that the volleyball Top Gun scene USED to be (not since I met and married the most handsome man anywhere) my favorite movie scene of ALL time, and that he kind of reminds me of Ice Man (Val Kilmer) in his beautiful days (have you seen him lately..not so much now).  He then told me that they were Navy, NOT marines, and so it would have been better if they were marines.  But anyways, the next day we found a pair at a surf shop and I assured him it was just as good as I had anticipated;o)  Of course he bought them.  I was a happy girl. 

Sessy man...


What is that!?!

That's what we said when driving home one night after passing this house not too far from home.  It appears to be an outdoor fish tank, and it has lights in it...right in their front yard!  I have never in my life seen something like this before!  Jason was so baffled, and I did not see it when we first went by, so we turned around and went back, then stopped in the road to check it out, lol.  It's not a great picture because it was dark and I was using my phone, but you can still see the fish swimming around in there.  I would love to know what their thought process was on this one!


Sleepy Boys

A long week at work, and a hard week of being a dog.  I think it's funny they passed out laying the same way, right next to each other.  A boy and his dog, so cute!

**A prayer request please!  After 2 whirlwind days, we are back at the house. We made the quick trip home to see Jason's grandma, we found out Tuesday that she was given 1-2 weeks to live as she is overtaken with cancer.  It was extremely hard to see her like this, especially for Jason.  Grandma "Jo" had a huge hand in raising him, even more so after his mother became more and more absent.  Please keep her and the family in your prayers as she is in a lot of pain, and as many of you know, it is so hard to see a loved one hurt like that.  Thank you in advance for your prayers!**


A Sleepover at Eesie's!

The last few days of the second week that my family was here in June, Austin and Alaina got to spend a few days here by themselves before the four of us headed back home that weekend.  On the Friday night before we left, Jason had duty, so Austin, Alaina, and I had a sleepover/movie night in the living room.  It was so much fun.  We watched movies on Netflix (The Jetson's Movie, Happily N'Ever After 2, Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes, Garfield's Pet Force, and The Backyardigans!) and Alaina and I slept on the couch, while Austin got the royal throne that transformed into a bed once it was bedtime.  He was pretty thrilled with my creation:)  He got the front and center seat for the movies...

And for dinner...hot dogs and mac n' cheese, of course!  Two of Austin's faves (well after pancakes!).  Then for dessert, Austin got a "snack bowl" with popcorn, cookies, fruit, etc.  His eyes got as big as the bowl when I put it in front of him.  That's what aunts are for, right!?  Alaina and I had ice cream:)

It was a fun night, one that I don't get with the two of them often, so I enjoyed every second of it and I'm looking forward to the next time!