Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July everyone!  It is hot, hot, hot here today, and J is on duty recovery, so we don't have much planned this year (again), but a cool day indoors relaxing is nice.  We are planning on having a pork roast and some garden fresh veggies for dinner, and then watching Act of Valor this evening.  Hope everyone enjoys their festivities and remember what we are thankful for this day!

In lieu of this nasty heatwave, I have been dreaming and longing for fall, and all the favorite things it brings along with it, so I am starting my countdowns here.  The first one is for the days until fall, the second until our family vacation to Tennessee.  This Christmas lights are because the week we are going to Gatlinburg, is the first week of Winterfest and all of the Christmas celebrations.  I'm just a little totally excited!

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Karen said...

Happy 4th, sweeties! Love you both!