Coping with the Heat Wave

This is how I'm dealing with heat.  My pool isn't even offering relief at this point, it's like taking a bath.  Outside.  In the hotness.  I wonder if it's possible to have ice brought in by the truckload.  I might swim then.

1.  Ice cream.  It cools from the inside.  This is of the homemade variety.  Our first batch in my new ice cream maker.

2.  Cold Drinks.  These are my two go-tos.  Iced coffee instead of the regular kind with breakfast, and cold, cold water throughout the rest of the day to stay hydrated.

3.  The Wii.  Not only for the sedentary games, but this is how I get my exercise when outside is not an option.  The Michael Jackson Experience, Zumba, and the Just Dances are my favorites.

4.  My fave lounging shorts and a tank.  They even have ice cream cones on them to remind me to eat my ice cream.  As if I need reminding...

5.  Lots and lots of garden veggies.  Especially tomatoes.  And BLT's.  That's dinner for the third time this week tonight.

6.  A pile of new magazines and a good book, my tv remote, my ceiling fan, and the mood lights.  Makes for a cozy afternoon pretending it's not 100 degrees outside.


Ash said...

I think I shall come visit. I miss you. And you have fresh veggies. And new magazines.

Ash said...

Oh, and homemade ice cream.

Christie Belle said...

Yay! Please do! I would love the company, and I will make you special ice cream and BLT's:)

Karen said...

Huh. I am with you on this, but we have been outside in this horrid heat wave all day. HOT!!!I'd love some of that ice cream right about now. Love your new ice cream maker. I think I need one, too. Love you!