New Car!!!

With gas prices ever on the rise, we decided it was time to trade in my gas guzzling hemi powered Jeep, that only got 18 hwy miles and 14 city.  Yikes, right!?  So after some test driving and searching around, we decided that we really like the Kia Optimas.  After driving one, I was sold.  Plus the warranties on these things are far better than any other we found.  And the gas mileage is amazing.  35 hwy and 24 city.  When they filled it up for us, and it said we had 500 miles to empty, I about passed out!  I'm used to the Jeep saying 280 miles to empty on a full tank.  I seriously wanted to do a little dance right there in the gas station parking lot.  Plus, this car is fully loaded, and around the same price as other cars this size (not fully loaded) are going for.  It's got the panoramic sunroof too, and that's something I loved about my Ford Edge but didn't even know they had in a car.  And I finally got my charcoal colored car:)  Not to mention, the seats are air conditioned (as well as heated), how awesome is that!?  Especially when it gets so super hot and humid down here at the coast in the summer.  And this car has so much interior space, but you wouldn't think it because it still looks sporty.  The backseat is bigger than the one we had in the Jeep.  And the trunk is huge, so it will still be great for traveling.  So, here are some pictures of my new wheels.  I'm pretty excited:) 


Karen said...

That's a pretty tough looking car! Can't wait to ride in it very soon!

Ash said...

I can't wait to see it in person, it looks very pretty. And the gas mileage is huge! Wish my beast got that gas mileage..

Renea said...

Congrats! Love it!