Over Due Easter Pictures

After a last minute decision to make the trip home for Easter, we packed up the car in a rush, and hit the road.  We found out we had a long 3 day weekend, and that Jason wouldn't end up having duty on Easter Sunday (it was going to be kinda sad and lonely if he would have had to do it as originally planned), so we headed home.  These pictures are from Easter Sunday at my Grandma's, after church.  We had a fantabulous lunch, and then we all visited outside because it was just gorgeous.  Perfect Easter weather.  A competitive game of croquet even broke out for much of the afternoon.  It was so nice to spend it with our family.  Here's some pictures (of almost everyone..we had a particular camera shy lady that day!) from the afternoon.


Karen said...

I am pretty impressed with all these pictures. I wish Ashley would let us post hers, too, they were really good!

Renea said...

You are an amazing photographer! You have a beautiful family! Love your new profile pic too...simply beautiful!:) Hope everything is going good for you! Been praying:)