Sitting Room and Living Room Ready Too!

Our sitting room:

Our seasonal "Christmas" tree.  A little crow found his place at the base with some more pumpkins!

The TV cabinet


Up close of the mantle, love my little primitive witch's hat, and hand stitched picture (done by my Momma!).


Ash said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE your new layout.. at least I think it's new, or I just have really spaced.

I want that witchy hat. And her matching shoes!

Karen said...

I know where you got that hat! Everything is so fall-y, and I love it. Alaina and I have been working on the porch this afternoon. It's cooler here, and we were ready to change out the seasons up front! The rest of my house is a wreck from boxes, and taking summer stuff down. It's gonna take me a while to sort it all out.