I Gave In

After almost 7 years of marriage, I think my honey has asked me to get a fish tank oh...about 572 times.  I always said, no, we have a dog and that's plenty of pet for me (sometimes too much pet!), but for some reason, this week I gave in, as long as it was small and easily maintainable.  We have 4 glow fish, 2 pink, 1 yellow, 1 orange.  We named them:)  We have Pudge and Pinky, the two pink ones...Pudge has a big belly, I hope that doesn't mean he's a she and pregnant!  The orange one is Punkin, and the yellow one is Flo because he/she is the one with the biggest fins and they float and swish around more than the others.  We also have a handful of ghost shrimp to keep it clean.  I know nothing about fish tanks, so this is Jason's thing.  I just picked out the fish and decorated it, lol.  It's his thing to keep it clean and going.  I think it's purdy, and I love the noise from the filter and the bubbles:)


Karen said...

I can see it now....he's broken you down about the tank, next is a snake. You watch. He'll talk you into that one, too. {{{{SHUDDER}}}}. That's when I stop coming to visit. :op
No, just kidding, the tank is beautimous!

Ash said...

That is sooo pretty! I love the way they look, but could never maintain one. I do good remembering to feed the dog :(