Got My Hair Did and Some Rambling

I hadn't had anything done to my hair in about a year, and it was getting to be about time!  I got a shape up "trim" and some new, brighter highlights.  I'm happy with the slightly different look!

As you can see in the picture, I am wearing my new Panthers jersey.  A total steal from the end of last season.  It was in the kids department at Belk's, on clearance and then an additional 30% off.  It came home with me for 8 buck and some change.  And it's an official jersey, these aren't cheap.  I was totally psyched to find it, and to top it off, it's a Steve Smith one, he's my fave:)  And I'm happy to report, they finally pulled out a win today, beating the Jaguars 16-10, not pretty, but a win nonetheless!

The new tool I'm in love with is my deep waver.  It's what I used on my hair in the picture.  It works like a crimper, but makes big waves instead of little crimps.  Easy, and makes lots of body.

The Dixie Classic Fair is coming in town, well not here, but back home.  So this year we are all going!  It's been forever since we went to the fair together.  I'm totally excited:)

Next week is supposed to stay in the 70's here.  For the first part of October at the coast, that's promising!  We are usually still swimming in October, but we are draining our pool this week because it's already too cool to swim (and a little green, lol).

Jason got a new tattoo.  He finally got his USMC "moto" tattoo. Oh, how I've always loved his broad shoulders, so what a good place to put it!  We did some looking around online for some different ideas, and finally found this EGA which we both totally loved.  We'd never seen one like this, and the guy who did it said he hadn't either, he even added him to the brag book of tattoos for the place he got it done at.  And for those who were wondering what Semper Fidelis means...it's the motto for the USMC which means "Forever Faithful".  I like the dual meaning:)

On our trip to Walmart this weekend, I was greeted at the door by all the wonderful pumpkins and I was mesmerized!  I quickly made my way over because I haven't seen pumpkins out yet, and we then loaded up the cart with all different sizes!  We got them home, J unloaded them, and I washed them up.  We have plans of painting them tomorrow, and saving the biggest one to carve closer to Halloween.  We will get another one with the family when they come down at the end of October and we all go to the local pumpkin farm and hayride, and we will carve that one too.  We like to have two so we can both pick out designs we want to carve.  I think we are going to invest the few dollars to get the pumpkin drill at Walmart this year, it seems like it will be much easier.

I will post some pictures once we get them all painted and decorated, I will take some of our outside decorations too!

We got our first set of Egyptian cotton sheets a few weeks ago.  We didn't pay too much for them, as they are really reasonably priced at the Wally World.  They are 400 thread count and outta this world!  All of ours were pretty threadbare so we were at the point of having to get some.  I try to make them last as long as possible, but sometimes you have to give in.  Those will be our backup sheets until they fall apart.  Egyptian cotton..it's the way to go!  They feel a little sturdier and are so soft!

I found the perfect costume/outfit for Kojak for Halloween.  ...Or for everyday.  It's a black t-shirt (for dogs), and on the back, it has vampire fangs, and it says "I BITE".  Fitting.

Well, it's time for some Scooby Doo.  Yep, I still love it, especially this time of year.  It's fun spooky.  That's why I love ABC Family's 13 Nights of Halloween, and usually Disney has some good Halloween specials too.  Not scary or gross, but spooky and fun.  That's the way I like Halloween:)


Ash said...

So I totally LOVE your hair.. its so freakin' cute! I am going to need you to do that wave thingy to my hair.. so just be prepared :)

I need some pumpkins, but we aren't gonna get any til Mike's Farm.
Can't wait to see yours painted!

Gonna need the name of the sheets.. I need another set, and I am not interested in paying 200.00 for them.

I WANT THAT DOG SHIRT!! Lola doesn't bite, but intruders don't know that ;)

I love Scooby. So much.

I miss you.

Karen said...

I agree with Ashley, we're gonna have to try out that new wave thingy. On Alaina and maybe me. Depends on what I do to my hair.
Love Scooby! I remember when we all used to watch it on the week-ends when you were little.
Love you!