50 Things About Me...Idea Stolen from Ashwee

Since I am a nervous wreck waiting on Jason to arrive for his 2 week leave from Iraq, I am trying to find things to take my mind off of it. Ashley just did this on her blog, so I figured I would too. Here we go...

1. I am a hypochondriac. Seriously. I just had an EKG and chest xrays on Friday just to be sure it was only a pulled muscle. Seriously.

2. My closet grouped into colors. I'm a neat freak/super organizer.

3. I have more purses than I can fit onto the top shelf of my closet and more shoes than I can fit on my shoe rack.

4. I have multiple sunglasses hidden in purses and in different parts of my car. I am constantly finding pairs I had forgotten about.

5. I have dyed my hair every hair color on the "hair color spectrum" except for red.

6. I, unlike my dear sissy, have to have freshly painted, un-chipped toenails. It makes me feel pretty. I like pretty feet.

7. I have moved 5 times during our 4 year marriage. About to be 6. That's the military for ya!

8. I have a bad habit of picking at my cuticles. If it hurts, why don't I stop!?

9. I am also a germaphobe. Refer to number 1..it goes hand in hand.

10. I'm a firm believer that "everything has it's place". Organization freak.

11. I am picking at my cuticles right now as I'm thinking. Dang it!

12. I'm a super planner. I aggravate myself with this. I have made 4 or 5 lists this week already.

13. I love primitive decorations.

14. I love autumn.

15. I love Christmas.

16. I want to live in the mountains in a log cabin.

17. I want to be a mommy, and I would also love to adopt.

18. I have the most loyal dog ever. When I take a shower, he waits by the door. When I'm cooking, he lays by my feet. If I'm in my room, he is laying by me on the bed or sitting at my feet. If I'm doing laundry (in the basement), he follows me down. I'm not even kidding.

19. I may be living in Texas next year for a while.

20. I'm going to Tennessee in 2 days! Yay!

21. I can water ski, and have been able to since I was 7.

22. I used to wake board, until a really bad fall. I don't believe in the theory "get back in the saddle".

23. I acted, sang, and performed in high school. Now, almost 10 years later, I have developed stage fright.

24. I enjoy doing hair, but could never do it professionally.

25. I love photography, and the feeling of capturing that perfect shot.

26. I hope to take off with the photography "bit" once we get settled in somewhere.

27. I love blue jeans. I don't even know how many pairs I own.

28. I have worn contacts since I was 13, and glasses since I was 12.

29. I have had a weak back for years, and since my wreck last year, it hurts almost everyday.

30. I totally fell for my husband on our first date.

31. I've been a "juvenile"/type 1 diabetic since the age of 12.

32. I was saved and baptized at the age of 8.

33. I was baptized by my daddy.

34. I love my smile, I consider it my best feature.

35. Everything I'm thinking or feeling shows in my face. And those who know me well can tell exactly what's going on with me by that.

36. When I get nervous or am in pain, I bounce my leg up and down.

37. I not only pop my knuckles, I pop my toes as well. I know, I know, not good for them. Another one of those bad habits.

38. I love to dance, and just recently discovered that I can still take it to the floor and get back up. I was proud.

39. I enjoy scrapbooking. There isn't a neater way to preserve your memories.

40. I am an accessory queen. Necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, toe rings, watches, headbands...the list goes on and on. Ashley frequently "shops" in my room.

41. I'm a sucker for new products. I cannot watch QVC, infomercials, or go down the "As Seen On TV" aisle at Bed, Bath & Beyond, nor can I let myself be stopped by the unrelenting kiosk gremlins in the mall. My newest purchase? Bump-Its for your hair. They actually do work if you were wondering.

42. I'm learning to knit. I'm still working on my first scarf. I started it last fall. I'm not very fast.

43. I love writing pens. But not the fine tip ones, the wider the better.

44. I have the most wonderful husband and family in the world. They are my best friends.

45. I love soaking in a warm bath, candles, and Norah Jones playing in the background.

46. I love movies. Top Gun, The Notebook, Twilight, Napoleon Dynamite, and Transformers (1 and 2) being some of my most favorite favorites.

47. I can read for hours on end.

48. I really want to see New York as well as all of New England.

49. I don't like anything in clusters. It makes me nauseated. I love grapes, but can't eat them unless I pick them and put them in a bowl.

50. I love to laugh, and am making a conscious effort to do it more often.

Ok, now I'm done with this. I'm still not sleepy. Maybe a little Spider Solitaire and some Nick at Nite. Anything to calm the huge bat sized butterflies in my stomach...

Excitement and nerves. Not good for sleep. I feel like I need to scream!


Ash said...

I knew all of these. Just like you knew all of mine.

I do love the built in shop I have in the back room of the house.. very convenient.

No nerves.. just think Jason will be here in one less than 48 hours.

I love nick at night.. wish I had a TV in my room. Maybe I'll just join you and Kojak.

Karen said...

I knew all of these, too. I'm glad of that.
And yes, you are definately a hypochondriac! But you've had good reason.
Love you,

Jennifer said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Praying he arrived safely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you!

{that was me screaming for you!}