A Little Adjustment

So, Jason finally signed his leave papers, and he will be flying out a day later, but that puts him here by Thursday, hopefully. ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited I can't stand it! We got his welcome home signs made and I will post pictures once we get them hung on our houses. He is trying to finish up his reenlistment paper work before he comes home next week. The job he is trying to switch to, he is really excited about, so PLEASE pray that everything goes through smoothly and he is able to switch without any problems. If everything goes the way we are hoping, he will be back in training for 9 months when he returns, and we would be living in Texas for that time. I am excited about that, as we will only be 3 hours from my long time friend, Mandi:) Plus, it's drivable to come back home! I've always wanted to see Texas, so this may be our chance (crossing fingers!). So, alot of stuff coming up and in our future. Alot of things I'm excited for and about. I will be scarce come next week, but I'll be back with lots of pictures! 7 DAYS, YIPPEE!!!


Karen said...

The Texas part.....that will be hard for me. I know it's driveable, but it's not like 3 1/2 hours away, you know. But a great opportunity for you and Jason, so it's all good.
Love ya,
Mommie Mimi

Christie Belle said...

That will be hard for me to be away from y'all too. But at least it's for only 9 months, and I will learn to fly:) Not without extreme nervousness, but I can do it. And we'll hopefully be back 3 1/2 hours away after that! Living closer to the beach this time, too! I love you too!