Some Things

For those of you who haven't noticed the countdown at the top of my page. We now have only 18 days. 18!!! And that is just until he gets here, he will leave in approximately 16 days!!! I am so excited, I don't know what to do with myself!

I have so much left to do yet. I've been tanning for a week and a half. Gotta love the fact that my great grandmother was full blooded Cherokee Indian. I got the skin that tans fast. I'm looking more and more like a ginger cake (as my grandmother so fondly refers to it). Plus my Daddy tans really well. He's even darker than me (but I'm quickly catching up!).

Next week, I start buying supplies for our sign making party. Our plan is to put big welcome home signs on the front of Daddy and Momma's house, Grandma's house, and Matt and Ash's house. Plus we will be making smaller ones to have at the airport.

I have my hair appointment for the 8th. Fresh highlights and a cut. Not drastic, just some layers for a better curl factor. Then, Ash, Laina, and I are going to have a sister pedicure date a few days before. It'll be nice. I can't believe we talked Laina into it! It's a girly thing, afterall! She's becoming more and more girly (although I don't think she'll ever shed her horse loving, tomboyish ways completely). She's kicking and screaming as I'm dragging her into womanhood, but it's finally coming along:) I'm determined to make one of my sisters somewhat girly, lol. At least Laina tolerates shopping with me now. I don't think I'll ever win Ash over to my side when it comes to the wonderful world of shopping.

Momma and I will be going shopping in the next week or two for a new homecoming outfit. Gotta have something new that he's never seen!

I'm so excited for J to "re-meet" Kojak. When he left, Kojak looked like this:

And now, THIS is my furbaby!

He's not going to know it's his dog! Kojak still thinks he weighs the same as in the first picture. But, I assure you, when he hurdles through the air and lands smack dab in the middle of your chest, he feels like he weighs all of his 40 or 45 lbs. plus another 40! We fonly refer to him as "fat butt". We had to teach Austin that that was ONLY a Kojak nickname. For, we quickly found out that Austin thought it was funny to call his Daddy that. Oops.

I have totally had the "dropsies" lately. I can't seem to hold onto anything. As I was applying my face bronzing lotion at the tanning bed this morning, the lid flew out of my hand, in my effort to catch it, I slung tanning lotion all over the mirror (which, by the way, I am not fond of having a full length mirror in the tanning bed booths, that is so cleverly positioned that you HAVE to see yourself as soon as you get out of the tanning bed. I don't even like looking at myself fully clothed in a full length mirror. WHAT were they thinking!?), and all this is happening as the stupid little 3 minute timer is beeping that my prep time is almost up. I really don't think they give you a full 3 minutes to get ready before the bed turns on. I barely make it everytime.

We had a fun picnic at the park last night with some friends. They have a little boy close to Austin's age. They had a blast playing super heroes on the big mound of dirt (well, it's sand actually). Why is it that a big pile of sand is more appealing than 2 swingsets, a jungle gym with slides, bridges, and climbing walls. Boys;o) At least Austin is no longer afraid of sand. That was a fun beach day :op

Ashley and I totally had a flashback last night. We decided to take a drive last night at about 9. Windows down, moon roof open, music loud. We now have a new favorite song. It's called "I'm A Gummy Bear". If you have never heard this song (which I'm guessing nobody has), I strongly recommend the download. We laughed EVERY time we played it on my Ipod. It's by Crazy Frog. Plus, I think the security guys will be laughing for a long time if they were so fortunate as to catch Ashley's rendition of the "river dance" to the song "Hot Stepper" on their parking lot cameras. Again, if you've never heard this song. Download it. So totally not a river dance type of song. But, leave it to Ashley to make it one. I am still laughing.

Ok, I need to go play with my puppy, he is growling at me from the foot of the bed. He's not the patient type.

18 DAYS!!!!!!!!


Karen said...

Yep, filling the days with fun stuff until he gets here! I cannot believe you talked Alaina into getting a pedicure, either. Will have to see that dance. ;o)

Renea said...

So excited for you! Hope you have a wonderful homecoming with Jason!!!

Jason said...

wow kojak is getting so big...i can't wait to see everyone on home coming day... i miss and love you so much babe

Jennifer said...

"Fat Butt" - LMbuttO! Boys!

SO GLAD Jason is coming home! WOOT! I'll put a sign in my yard too... :o)

Love you and miss you!!