Sick...blah, yuck

Wouldn't you know it. "Rapid" Strep is what my doctor called it. After an hour and a half wait in the waiting room...they "fit" me in. An hour and a half! I literally thought I was going to fall out in the floor. Now we all know how pleasant a waiting room full of sick people is. I've had strep before, but I don't think it's been this bad before. I feel like I have the flu and strep throat. My whole body aches, my head hurts, I'm burning up, then I have chills. Thank goodness for drugs. I just took my first round of antibiotics and a prescription amount of Ibuprofen for the aches and pains. The heating pad is helping with the stabbing lower back pain. And thank goodness for a sweet hubby that called in to be able to take me because I was too weak and light headed to drive this morning. He fanned me and rubbed my back trying to keep my as comfortable as possible in the hard, straight back metal chairs in the waiting room, then went and filled my prescriptions, and got me set up on the couch. He was able to stay with me for a bit longer to make sure I wasn't going to have any weird side effects from the new meds, and is now going back to check in. He said he would bring me a milkshake when he gets off. A little "babying" is always appreciated when you feel your worst. I wish I could get and stay well. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired:(


Jennifer said...

So sorry you are sick!

Hope those meds kick in really soon :o)

Dawn said...

You poor thing. I am so sorry you have to be sick again. Praying you get better fast!