New treats for me!

We went home this past weekend, and as always enjoyed our time with family. Like my mom said, "The weekends are just enough to make you want more time." I left home with some new goodies from my Momma. She has had this vintage strawberry container that I have wanted since she got it. I have always thought it would look so cute in my red/red fruit kitchen. Well, all the ones we've found in the antique stores have been between 15 and 20 bucks. My Momma found a new thrift store that she tried out and guess what!? There sat my strawberry and for a much thriftier price;o) And in wooooonderful condition.Then, after searching for several weeks for a quilt for our bed, since our down comforter is too heavy for the summer months, I asked if I could borrow the one that I have always loved from my Momma and Daddy until I could find one. Momma said that they don't use it on their bed anymore and with Daddy's ok, it was ours:D Yay! We stopped on our way back and picked up some new sheets to match, got home, washed the sheets and promptly made up the new bed. I'm in love with the way it looks in our room!

Thank you, Momma! I love you!


Karen said...

It looks so cute sitting there on your counter! The bedding works well on your bed, too. Glad you can use it.
Love you,

Jennifer said...

what a cute strawberry jar!!

so glad you had a great weekend! We're only an hour away from "home" and we feel the same way. These gas prices just stink.

hate I missed you this time around too... maybe next time we can at least have a driveby hug or something :o)

Tammy said...

Love the bedding and the strawberry jar!

Christie, it had been so long, so just wanted to stop by and say hello!
I love the new header on your blog- so pretty!