A birthday wish and some more purchases for the house

First things first...it is my little sissy, Ashley's birthday today!!! On April 23, 1985, the good Lord gave me my first little sister. Today we celebrate her 22nd birthday. I love you, Ashwee!

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And...I thought I would share a few more house purchases with you! First, let me tell ya, me and Yankee Candles...we are close. So, you can imagine my mix of fascination and frustration whenever I go to their store. I can always find several that I feel should go home with me, but I also have to think about the almighty $. Since they are not cheap, but worth the little extra, I usually go home with two at a time. This trip, I found two new scents that I have never smelled before. They remind me of living at the beach, and so I finally narrowed it down. The first one is a perfect mix of suntan lotion, sun, sand, and ocean mist. It's devine! The second one, there is no way to explain it other than comfort.

Our next stop was the fabric store, my mom and I found the perfect vintage looking material to make curtains for my next kitchen. All my dishes and appliances and decor are red or have red in them, I love my red themed kitchen, so this material will work perfectly! We are going to make them into tab top curtains with red ribbon tabs. I'm so excited!

This other material we bought was for an apron, my mom is going to teach me how to make my first apron with this, we bought white ric-rac for the trim. We will be starting this project soon, pictures to follow soon!
My last purchase was made about 2 weeks ago, I love these wooden signs with quotes or passages on them. This one was found at Goodwill for about 9 bucks! Doesn't Alaina look thrilled to be my model?


Anonymous said...

I have to smell that Sun and Sand candle, I know I would LOVE that one!!

And I love the fabrics, especially the cherry one!! The ribbon tabs will be so cute on your curtains. And then ric rac makes everything so cute, too. I think that will be adorable on the apron. Can't wait to see those projects!! :-)

TO BECOME said...


I love candles and I delight when I find a new one I like . I hope you really enjoy yours.

I know you curtains will be pretty as well as your apron. Mothers are really wonderful. aren't They??
connie from Texas

Trella said...

Oh! I just love candles. I have never seen yankee candles. Your description of the smells makes me want to track them down.

I love the fabrics. What a special sewing project to do with your mom.

I already went and wished Ashley a Happy Birthday.

Tracy said...

I love all of your finds! The candles; I've never smeeled the sun and sand, but it sounds wonderful! I love the Cottage breezes.

The blue fabrics are adorable! I've made several aprons recently, one with ricrac, and it is so cute! It looks more like a retro skirt than an apron... The curtains will be adorable!

And THE SIGN!!!! I need to remember,"Thou shall not covet"...
Oh, but I love it so much....

Karen said...

It'll be fun!
I'm getting quite a lot of projects going, don'tcha think????

Jennifer in MS said...

I love Yankee candles!

Your sign is great too!

Do y'all know where you will be living when Jason gets home?

Unknown said...

Such cute fabric. That will make cute curtains for sure. I love the red kitchen idea. Seems kitchens are always yellow for some reason.

And that sign is great. I have one I need to post. Perhaps I'll do a show and tell. It has a fun story.

Candy said...

I love everything!!!!


p.s.. thanks for the comment last night. I actually turned off my site feed setting thats why its not showing up in peoples bloglines but I will change it today to show at least titles to my new posts so then at least people know I still am posting :)

Lori said...

I also love that Sun and Sand candle. You make me want to go right out and buy one.

I love all of your fabrics. The cherry one will be so cute in your new kitchen. You strawberry pattern for your apron will look nice too.

I also love your new sign.
I want to go and find some kind of new sign. Something that says either Hope or Love or Peace or Joy or something like yours.

Tammy said...

Oh, those candle look scrumptious!
And I love that vintage material...what perfect kitchen curtains! :)

I was just over from your mom's to wish Ashley a happy birthday!


Karen said...

Christie, this was a fun post! I have a weakness for Yankee candles. For some reason, I buy others, but always go back to theirs -- they're worth the money! I'll have to look for these new scents.

CUTE fabric for your curtains. My kitchen is accented in red, in fact I have a touch of red in most rooms in my house. For some reason, a room doesn't seem complete with atleast a bit of red in it.

Sounds like you're having so much fun, preparing your new home!

Gena said...

We certainly share a love for Yankee Candles. I am a little addicted to them I love the Sun & Sand one because it reminds me of being little and smelling like Coppertone suntan lotion.

I also love your new fabrics! I can't wait to see pictures of your curtains and apron.

Have a wonderful week and thanks for all the prayers for my Whit.

Momma Roar said...

I love your fabrics and the sign! $9 WOW!

I love Yankee Candles too. My friend bought me a candle warmer. You plug the warmer in, put a votive in the glass containe inside the warmer, and the heat melts the candle without ever having to burn the candle. They have all different sizes, I know they have larger ones that you can put the full jar in. These work great at our house, since I prefer not always burning candles with my terrors...uh, I mean children running around!

Mrs. Anna T said...

Oh my, I can only imagine how exciting this must be! Purchases for your first home! You're going to be so happy and busy...

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I love those signs too and have found several at Gordmans pretty cheap. I really like your fabrics too, great choice!

Ruth said...

We love candles around here, too. My hubby is always the one to light one because I am NOT coordinated with the lighter! LOL!
I love the material. I admire anybody who is "crafty". I am not. I can't wait to see the finished products!

Jennifer said...

goodwill = good find!

I can't wait to see YOUR next place :o) love the material :o)

Kelli said...

Happy Birthday Ashley!!!

I love your new fabrics and the candles sound yummy...I love Yankee Candles, one can smell up a whole house!

I love your new signs too. Poor Alaina. ;0)


Christy said...

Okay, I am going tommorrow and buying myself the Sun and Sand candle. EVERYONE has mentioned it...it is all I think about.

Yes, I am a fellow candle obsessor :)

I LOVE the material-so cute!!

Heather K said...

Such cute material Christie! Your new home will be so pretty! Is there a base nearby that you will be living on when Jason gets home in 5 months? I'm sure he is going to love the comforts of home--as you are preparing to make it such a lovely homey home for the two of you! Well have fun.

Jodi said...

It looks like your getting some lovely things for your home. I'll have to find that Sun and Sand candle - I grew up in Florida, and love beach smells! It looks like you're going to have a lot of fun sewing, too! :o)