SCATTERGORIES. ..it's harder than it looks! But Fun! Rules: Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following...they MUST be real places, names,things...NOTHING made up! If you can't think of anything, skip it. Try to use different answers if the person before you had the same 1st initial. You CAN'T use your name for the boy/girl name question and you can't use a search engine... Now Go!

1. Your Name: Christie
2. Famous singer/band: Carrie Underwood
3. 4 letter word: Camp
4. Street name: Center Street
5. Color: Canary
6. Gifts/presents: Crystal:)
7. Vehicle: Charger
8. Things in a Souvenir Shop: Candles
9. Boy Name: Christopher
10. Girl Name: Cadence (I've always thought that was pretty)
11. Movie Title: Click
12. Drink: Coca-Cola
13. An Occupation: Clown
14. Flower: Cala lilly
15. Celebrity: Candice Cameron
16. Magazine: Cosmopolitan
17. U.S. City: Charlotte, NC
18. Pro Sports Team: Carolina Panthers
19. Fruit: Cantaloupe
20. Reason for Being Late for Work: Construction
21. Something You Throw Away: Candy Wrappers
22. Things You Shout: Come here, lol.
23. Cartoon Character: Cinderella


Candy said...

FUN!!! :)
Another girl's name: Candy :)

Anonymous said...

Good Answers!! I would like to try it too, but I can hardly think of any answers that start with K. I'll have to sleep on this one!! :-)

Christie Belle said...

Candy, I thought about that one, lol! But I didn't know if you wanted to do this one, so I decided against using it. It is a very good girl's name:)

Trella said...

Looks like you! You did a great job. I will have to try, but I don't know if I will be able to.

Karen said...

Well, I'm with Kitty. I can't think of enough "K" words! This is a cute idea!

Kelli said...

I love Scattergories! That was fun to read!

First Time Mommy said...

What a great idea! Thanks so much for sharing. I might have to do a post like this too but I have a feeling finding answers to those questions that start with an "E" might be kinda tricky!

Have a great day!


TO BECOME said...

Good Job, I bet that was fun. connie from Texas

Tracy said...

This is fun!

Lori said...

I will try this. I love the Scattergories game.
Should I post it here or on my own blog?

Ash said...

I am gonna do this one... fun fun. Good answers!

Heather K said...

this looks like fun... I think I'll give it a try... I copied it so when I have some free time, I can customize it to my things... thanks.... Only 5 months to go!

Karen said...

This was fun, I gave it a try! However, I just couldn't think of a flower starting with K. Any ideas?

Momma Roar said...

I like reading these!