Five Things Meme

Karen at Over the Back Yard Fence has tagged me to do this fun little meme, so here we go!

FIVE THINGS FOUND IN MY ROOM (I picked my living room):
1. My pencil leg table that my mom gave me that I have wanted since she got it:)

2. Quilt rack that my mom also gave me, that goes quite nicely with my rustic decor.

3. Jason's entertainment center...PS3, Wii, DVD, HD Cable...lol.

4. My cozy reading/knitting/cross-stitching spot complete with the comfiest pillows ever.

5. My little mouse figurine that sits on my bookshelf that my parents gave me when I was little.

1. Visit New York City
2. Have kids
3. Go to Disney World
4. Live in the NC mountains
5. Build a log cabin

1. Diabetes test kit
2. Emergency kit
3. 4 different lip glosses
4. Sunglasses
5. Wallet

1. Pictures of family
2. Driver's license
3. Military ID
4. Credit/Debit Card
5. Mini lists of Christmas present ideas

1. Photography (I need to post on this sometime)
2. Scrapbooking (this too!)
3. Knitting...I'm a newbie
4. Preparing for the holidays
5. Getting ready for kids, and making sure I'm healthy enough for it

I'm supposed to tag 5 people now, but I say if you feel like doing this one, be my guest! It was fun:)


Unknown said...

This was a fun one. And did I tell you about my dislike of crowds also? ... referring to your Christmas shopping post? Ugh. Me too.

Lori said...

Loved reading your 5 things meme.
That was fun to learn more about you.

Tracy said...

Fun! I love the pictures of your home. It feels very warm!

Ruth said...

I love your pictures and items. We have a Wii, too. I don't play it much because I have no time to get addicted to anything, but it is a lot of fun! For my birthday I am getting the new Star Trek game, which I am very excited about. (Who woulda thought it?!)

Karen said...

Cute meme! I'm doing good getting a post out these days.
Love ya,

Susan P. said...

Oh, I love your comfy cozy spot, Christie! I never leaned how to knit but you and your Mom are inspring me to learn:o) I don't blame you for wanting those furniture pieces, I would too! I pray that the Lord will one day soon answer your desire to have children ~ I know you will be such an awesome Mom!!

Gena said...

What a fun thing to read! I also love the new look of your blog - so pretty and autumnal.

P.S. I LOVE that pencil leg table - I need that for my foyer. I've been looking for a table with those proportions for a long time. Lucky you!

Karen said...

Thanks for doing this. It's fun to learn new things about new friends. Your home looks so cozy. Maybe we'll meet in NYC sometime!

Jennifer said...

What fun! I love the pictures of your new home :o) I'm sure it's so nice and cozy. Me and Rich will have to come visit sometime soon! Give Jason a squeeze for me.

Diane @ A Watered Garden said...

It was fun to see the pictures of your home... looks very welcoming. I noticed that you also like WillowTree figurines. I have a few and have given some for gifts as well.

~ Amy ~ said...

FOUR lip glosses!!! I guess Jason never has to worry about a chapped smooch. hehe!

Looking forward to the picture and scrapbooking posts!