Things I Want to Remember

I cannot believe our boys are 8 weeks old now!  What!?!  We have their 2 month check-up tomorrow!  I'm so anxious to see their exact weights, they have grown so much!  I don't have much time these days and am writing this on my iPad while reaching around baby heads on my tandem nursing pillow, but there are things I want to remember about this time, so I'm going to jot down a few while the boys take a quick nap after fueling up.

-Noah's smile after he nurses.  He pulls back, relaxes, and smiles..he loves to eat and be full.  He is a pleasant baby when his belly is full.

-Hunter is the king of fuss.  He is colicky and is paying me back for being the same way at his age!  I am looking forward to the end of this part, because the few times a day that he is happy, he is so sweet.  He is a studier, he loves looking around and watching faces and he loves the outdoors and sunshine in his face. He finds the sun, and just closes his eyes, it's sweet:).  This is the reason he has obtained the nickname "the doctor"..as in Dr. Jeckyll/Mr. Hyde..I know, we're terrible.

-Noah is a yeller!  He doesn't really cry much, but when something is wrong (usually it's because he's "hangry"), he hollers...like screams in your face, followed by at least three coughs, and accompanied by not a single tear.  I think he's going to have the temper.  We fondly call him "the dictator". :)

-Hunter is the happiest when he's nursing, he actually uses me as a paci more than to actually eat, but it's hard to tell which he is needing..it's all a learning process.

-Both boys rolled over from tummy to back at three weeks, within 5 minutes of each other!  They haven't done it again since then, but it was so neat that they did it that close together.  And so the competition begins!

-They both somewhat chuckle in their sleep but not consciously yet, oh how I wonder what they could possibly be dreaming of.

-Noah especially likes being naked now that it's warmer, he gets so wide eyed and just kicks and is generally happy, I can see a lot of diapers only days this summer!

-Hunter's favorite way to sleep is sideways across the front of me, turned in towards me, with a paci..I think it goes back to feeling like he's nursing.

-Noah's favorite sleeping position is up and down, facing towards me, and he likes to ball up just like he did in the womb, he's stretching out a little more often now, but he still defaults to the potato bug position.

-Hunter is a very quiet sleeper and sleeps with his mouth open a lot.

-Noah snores sometimes, it's so cute, he sleeps much lighter than Hunter and startles easily.

-Hunter likes music.  Sometimes it will calm him down, he also likes "dancing" to faster songs..I think it's probably because it feels like rocking or bouncing.

-Both boys LOVE water!  Bath time is their favorite time of day.  It's an instant calming tool.  Getting out and being lotioned up, however, commences the crying and shouts of disapproval.  We will be getting a baby pool for the summer.

-We are struggling with trying to get them on the same sleep schedule at night.  They are both babies who wake up immediately if not being held, which is hard when sleep is needed for the adults.  Their growth spurts (or when they are hungrier, and more often) happen on different days, which means while one may have been able to sleep for 4 hours straight at night, he is awakened at the 1 1/2 - 2 hour mark by his brother.  We are also facing troubles co-sleeping.  They did really well with that for a few weeks, and I was hopeful that we had figured something out, but now, both no longer want their brother next to them, and they both want to be on the side next to me.  Scratching my head on this dilemma, I'm needing sleep.  They no longer nap at the same time either.  Boo.

-Both are ticklish, especially on their backs, sides, and feet.  Right now, they squirm, I can't wait until they giggle!

-Noah does well with car rides, he usually falls asleep and rides peacefully.  Hunter is not on board yet, he screams most everywhere we go.

-Noah's baby hair is reddish, but I think as it's thinning/falling out and the new comes in, it's looking more white blonde like his dad's.  The red matches his temper though.

-Hunter's baby hair is brown, but also looks like it has a little red in it in the sun, like mine does.  His new growth is coming in as a darker blonde.  I'm excited to see what their colors will be once they're done changing.

I look forward to new things to come, I know they change and grow so fast, I just don't want to forget a thing!

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Karen said...

Huh, when did you post this? I must have missed it. Yep, they are even older now. ;)