A Bit Late!

We found out two weeks ago what we're having, but with moving coming next week, pulling stuff off walls, appointments, tons of phone calls, and trying to sort out what we have to take home and what TMO is going to pack up, blogging got sidelined.  And thank goodness TMO is back up and running, so we don't have to move it all by ourselves, I can't imagine how scrambled I would be then!  So, here is our 20 week update and what we are looking forward to having...

Yay for sweet boys!  We are so excited to welcome these little guys at the first of the year, Noah Wayne and Hunter Ray!  I am feeling them more, and stronger these days.  Twice now, I've been able to feel them with my hand, Jason has yet to catch them yet, and he's so anxious to!  They are supposed to weigh around a pound each now, how cool is that!?  Our appointment on the 15th was wonderful, they both were very active and a little stubborn.  They didn't want to sit still for their measurements and pictures.  We go back Monday (I'll actually be 21 weeks tomorrow!), and we will get to see them again, I hope whoever we get in with in Winston Salem will be as good as the doctors in Wilmington have been, I will really miss them!  But, man, I am ready to be home with our family again!

Just some notes I want to remember about this stage of pregnancy:

-I am starting to feel the results of the added weight in the front, it doesn't take much for my back to just wear out.  I see one of those multiples support straps in my near future.  Other than that, and still getting tired pretty easily, I feel pretty good, and am just so thankful that the boys are doing so well, growing, and letting me know more and more of their presence.  I am still amazed at these precious miracles, and feel beyond blessed!  
-There are many a night that I wake up, and all I can think of is having an apple and glass of milk, so that's what we have:)  I'm loving avocados, and due to the price and the fact that I am horrible at picking good ones, I can't get my fill!  Pickles are still delish.  And chocolate has made it's way back onto my favorites list. For a long time, I had no desire for sweets, but that's come back a little bit, specifically cupcakes and Twix bars.  I have to limit these, of course, but they are so good! 
-I am finding it harder to maneuver in bed now.  I have to sleep slightly propped up, and rolling over is a chore.  My hips hurt, and using about 5 pillows in different positions is helpful, yet doesn't help the maneuvering issue!  
-My feet disappeared a while ago, and I can no longer breath when putting on socks/shoes.  My husband and family think this is funny.  My feet/ankles have started swelling some when I'm on them a lot or when we travel.
-My husband is amazing.  I get a foot rub/back massage almost every day, and there are never any complaints (well almost never) when a craving hits and he's heading to the store at all different times of the day or night.  Plus, he won't argue, he gives in almost immediately (I think he's afraid of tears or rage..not sure which one), he's my peacekeeper.
-Buying baby clothes is so much fun!  They have come a long way with boy clothes since I bought for my sweet nephew.  Plus, it is fun buying some matching things, and other things that just coordinate.  I've had to reign it in for now until we get through this transition and J gets a new job (several prospects, praying for the right one to present itself!).
-I'm one of those fortunate women whose face gets round with pregnancy.  I resemble a pregnant chipmunk.

Okay, I'm wrapping up for now.  I probably won't post until after we're moved.  I can't believe that in 8 short days, we will be completely moved home!  


Ash said...

I laughed several times out loud at this post. I remember not being able to put on my shoes, or bend over in any way really.. lol.

You do not look like a pregnant chipmunk, though I thought that was hilarious :)

I cannot wait for you to be home!!! Only one week left!

Praying for amazing appointments in the next two days, maybe they will give you more pictures.. I hope so.

Love you guys!

Karen said...

We are ready for the next phase of our lives! Getting ready for you here, and looking forward to all that we have going on in the next three months!!
You are such a beautiful pregnant woman, too! I knew you would be.
Glad you're at the stage where you can really enjoy feeling the amazing lives growing within. Such a miracle. Love you all.

Unknown said...

Love the names you have picked out! Let us know if there's anything we can help with for the move! Looking forward to your baby shower! You look fabulous and so happy!:)