15 Weeks

1 week away from the 4 month mark!  We are so excited!  I'm feeling pretty good other than the hormonal headaches that the doctor warned me about.  Apparently hormones drop a little between now and week 20, causing a lot of women to have headaches.  Treating with Tylenol is not always a sure fix, so I'm thankful for ice packs!  And I'm thankful that our freezer got fixed today to keep me supplied with ice packs!  It's been broken for 3 weeks, and they had to order parts and wait for all the warranty stuff, and then fix it, we were glad to see that man pull up this morning!

Oh, and it is officially FALL!!!  I am LOVING the cooler temps, and the even chillier ones at night!  We are seeing a little yellowing on some the of trees, I always get so excited at this time of year.  Plus, the first signs of fall are in the stores, too!  Hello Honeycrisp apples & Pumpkin Spice creamer!  We saw pumpkins at Wally World yesterday too, looking forward to loading up on those pretty orange gourds this weekend:)

Target has some really fun wigs for Halloween this year.  We had a good laugh trying them on and taking pictures.  There were a lot of fun ones, but here are a few of my favorites!

Happy Fall Y'all!


Karen said...

I was just checking this morning to see if you'd updated! You look so cute!!! Babies are really, REALLY growing fast. Yay! Love you and cannot wait to have the honor of finding out what they are with you. ;)

Ash said...

You are just precious! I really love the hats. Oh how excited I am for 10/15!!! Can't wait to see what PB&J are!

Love y'all!

So ecstatic it's finally fall!!!