Our Christmas Bedroom

Going with the red already in there, I added a vintage red stocking, red candles, pinecones, and burlap on the dresser.

The headboard got draped with greenery and white lights...so cozy at night:)

A little pillow that I painted.  I made a stencil from an image of the nativity I liked from a google search I did.  Then I traced it on plain ole red cotton fabric with a pencil.  I painted it in with white acrylic paint.  Once dry, I sewed and stuffed.  Easy, but time consuming, it needed 3 coats to not show through to the red!

I made some canvas stockings for our room this year.  I just traced a stocking I already had onto canvas drop cloth, cut out a strip of burlap and frayed the edges a bit, then traced our initials onto it.  Then I flipped 'em inside out and sewed them up.  It was my first run at sewing curved edges.  I don't think I did too horribly.  They hang on either side of our headboard.

Another shot of my pretty little pillow.  I just love that thing.  And it totally looks good with the reds on our bed.

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Karen said...


OK, I'm really, reaaalllyy hoping that I am getting a pillow like that for my bed. ;)

Cute stockings hung on the bed, too. You're getting to be quite the seamstress!

Christmas is here! So will you be in a short while!

LOVE you and be careful!!