Plastic Pumpkin Upgrade

I had this group of pumpkins from several years ago (they still sell them at Walmart, I just saw them last week when they were putting out the first batch of fall stuff..yay!).  They were a little sad, the stems had come loose and I didn't like the colors of many of them.  So, I decided they needed to be white.  Off-white, really.  Beacuse I so love off-white.


I painted them with acrylic paint.  Apple Barrel Antique Parchment.  And then after securing the stems again with hot glue, I wrapped them with twine, also using hot glue to keep it in place.  It still needed something though.  So the tall pumpkin got a twine belt, and the little round pumpkin got outlined in twine.  Just right!  Don't do what I did, and just start painting them.  Prime them!  I'm telling you, I painted these suckers over and over because the orange just kept wanting to come back through.  Learned my lesson!

Then, after much consideration on where they should go, I decided on the bookshelf in the den.  It has lots of cubbies, and it's one of my favorite pieces of furniture because it just holds so much!  They went right in the center cubby.  I stacked some of them on a decorative box to give it more height and fill the space better.  I added a few leaves and a small vase with an autumn flower to finish filling the space.

I think it works nicely, especially right in the middle.  The top is decoarted for fall too.  Complete with my witchy hat and broom, a free autumn printable (found here), a couple of leaf tealight holders and a little glass pumpkin.  I'm thinking of making this to hold my broom, whaddya think!?


Karen said...

Oh, that's cute for holding the broom! And I have a ton of those plastic gourds and pumpkins. Maybe they need new life with paint, too. Good work!

Ash said...

Those turned out so cute. I thought you were going to smash them though when I was there. It took 5 million coats of paint. Totally worth it though. I love the way they turned out with the twine on them.