Milk Glass Look-Alike

For .10 a piece, these little glass bud vases were mine the second I laid eyes on them at a thrift store in Morehead City.  I came home, washed them up, and used the same technique I did in this post.  I used Apple Barrel acrylic paint in gloss, just plain ole white.  I'm tellin' ya..if you want to stock up your supply of different colors of acrylic paint.  Go to Walmart.  The small containers of Apple Barrel paint are .59!  Cheap way to build up your color choices!  Anyways, after letting them dry, this is what they look like.

About as close to milk glass as you can get without it actually being the real stuff!  Just pop some flowers in there, and you're set!  I put a sprig of fall foliage in one for the guest room, and I love it so much, that I think I need to go get another sprig to put in the other one!


Ash said...

So cute. I love milk glass. But I don't antique and they don't carry it many places.

Karen said...

That's pretty close to the real thing! How smart!