No More Plastic Tray!

After yet some MORE pinterest inspiration, I decided that I wanted a compartmentalized silverware drawer instead of the flimsy little tray we've had for forever that never held all of the silverware.  We made a trip to Lowe's to get some white pressboard shelving (about 4 bucks a piece, and the project took 3 pieces after cutting them all to where they all had a white top piece and the raw wood wouldn't be showing), and some white tipped screws that would go through the metal side of the drawers.  We measured the lengths we would need and how many compartments I wanted, and J headed next door to use the neighbor's table saw since we don't have one...yet.  Once everything was cut, we slid them in, and spaced them out evenly, and then put two screws on each side of the plank.  After they were all in, J caulked the seams, and I touched up any rough wooden edges with white paint.  Then it dried overnight.

The "before" drawer(s):

The next morning with everything put in them (The second drawer was a last minute decision that I threw out, and even though I don't think J was happy with me, he obliged anyways.  Hey, we had a plank left over!  It made the perfect little space for serveware:)).

They are SO much more spacious than the trays, and I am so extremely happy that it turned out just the way I pictured it in my head. I recommend this easy project to anyone who has a drill. For a little under 20 bucks, it was so worth it.


Karen said...

Now that's a smart idea! You've got a pretty good man, there. I'd keep him if I were you!
Love your new look and name. When did that happen?

Ash said...

SO handy! I love this. You changed your name again. It's cute.

Ash said...

I'm doing this. Soon. Maybe this weekend. I only have two drawers to work with, so this would make a huge difference for my jumbles of silverware/serve ware/utensils! I may have to call for help.. :)