My 27th Birthday...Yet Again!

After plans fell through for our trip to Georgia, due to the USMC's needs, we decided to head home last week.  The weekend of Father's Day, we celebrated my birthday early with my family who was down visiting because we didn't know we were going to go home for my actual birthday.  My real birthday was Monday, the 25th, and thanks to J and my fab fam, it was awesome:)  I woke up to be greeted by Momma, who fixed me cinnamon toast for my breakfast.  It's always so yummy, and I don't get it often, so it was perfect!  After a major smallish breakdown over being 30 (shhh...refer to post title, I'm claiming 27 forEVER), we got ready and ran a few errands, one of which being a stop at the mall to pick up my cookie cake, which I wasn't allowed to see until later that night.  My sugar came out with not only the cookie, but a bag of goodies to replinish my dwindling supply of Bath and Body Works products.  Yay!  Then to meet Ash and Matt for dinner and a very generous gift of a night at the hotel at the vineyards.  Our dinner destination was Darryl's in Greensboro.  I haven't been there in probably 10 years.  It was SO good and totally surpassed my expectations.  I do believe they have gotten even better since my last visit.

(next 2 pictures from Google due to the fact that I'm a slacker and forgot to bring my camera and my iPhone just wasn't hacking it, the rest are with the phone, so please excuse the graininess.)

Our super-neato-cool booth.  It's an old ferris wheel car.  A little unnerving though, since it is suspended above the bar.

The sign over our seats with lights and everything:)

Like my lamp shade halo?

Divine menu!

The view from our room at sunset.  It really was a gorgeous evening.

My cookie cake, isn't it perfect for my 27th birthday!!??

As soon as the last 2 surprises come in the mail, I will post some of the gifts I was showered with, I was totally spoiled!

Thank you to my sweetie and my whole family for making me feel so loved and special on my birthday, it really was a perfect day.  I can't wait to turn 27 again next year:)


Karen said...

Miss you!

Ash said...

Your birthday was fun! I quite enjoyed spending the evening with you guys :) I am happy that since you are 27 forever, I get to be 24 forever.. too bad I can't pull that off!

Can't wait to hear what else you got in the mail!