Gel Nail Manicure

Another birthday gift from J was a gel nail starter kit with the UV lamp drying thingy;o)  The gel holds up very well.  I bought a few additional colors, and the picture on the right is coral sunrise.  I am so into coral this year.  I never thought I could wear it, but it's actually a great color for me.  I'm at almost a week with it on and there are no chips whatsoever.  The only problem I'm having is that on the parts where it gets on the skin or a little too far into the cuticle, it tends to want to peel off of those areas, thus causing the rest of it to want to follow.  I guess I have to work on coloring in the lines a little better.


Karen said...

Pretty color! Like that it lasts longer, too. I need to do something with mine, but farmgirling is kinda rough on your manicure. :/

Ash said...

Love the coral. Hate the blow torching of the nails.

Ash said...

I want this. I may go to the mani people and give it a try..