Because He's A "Just Because" Guy

I love fresh flowers in the house, but don't always splurge on them myself.  So I love it when J surprises me with some!  These were waiting in the car for me one evening that we went to Walmart and split up to cut the time we had to be in purgatory (that's the nicer name for what I refer to the Walmarts here in J'ville...there is not a time of the day..or night, for that matter..that they are not crowded.  Always crowded with rude people and the people straight from the peopleofwalmart.com site, I swear!).  I think it may have been a bit of an apology for his grumpy mood that day too, but either way, I'll take it.  I love the marble roses, and they smell perfect!


Karen said...

I've never heard of those before, but they are gorgeous! Are you drying them, too?
Never have seen that picture before, either. I like it!

Ash said...

You got you a good man :) Love those flowers, they are beautiful!