Band-aid Bling

One of my favorite Birchbox contents to date is my box of Cynthia Rowley designer band-aids.  They are so pretty, and have the staying power of the band-aid brand.  I took a chunk out of my finger last week putting on my really cute, strappy sandals.  My finger got stuck under the back strap and got snagged in the buckle, only me, right?  Anyways, it really hurt and was bleeding.  Totally needed a band-aid, so I got to break out my new box (I usually use my Tinkerbell ones).  They are 15.00 a box regularly, so it won't be a splurge I make on my own, so for now I will enjoy the pack I have.  And I don't think I have to worry about J using them:)  I'm sporting the buttons band-aid here.  Aren't they just precious!?


Karen said...

Wow, who knew that they had designer bandaids. I sure didn't. Well, now I feel out of the loop. ;)

Ash said...

You wouldn't let me have any of them because you don't love me.