Baking Center Organization

Eeek!!  This was dancing all over my OCD tendencies.  I just could not figure out a good way to keep this part of the kitchen organized.  It's my baking center, and maybe I just have too much stuff, but after sorting through it, there was nothing I could part with.  Not a durn thing.  So off to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to search for cabinet organizers.

And this is the after.  Ahhhh....  (that was a calming ahhh, not a scream.)  I cleaned out a few canisters from the pantry to give me some more storage for packets like hot chocolate, cider, gravy mixes, etc.  I purchased a set of spice "stairs" (I don't know what they are really called), so I could tier the spices and now I can see them all and reach them without it turning into a scavenger hunt.  I got all the hand mixer stuff and stand mixer attachments out of this cabinet and moved them to a cabinet off to the right, beside the fridge which is to the right of the baking center.  So it is all right beside of this.  Still within reach, but not crammed overhead.

The mixer stuff and a merry-go-round (I don't think this is the right term either) in another cabinet.  All my cookie and cake decorating stuff is in here too, on the merry-go-round, so I can get to it easily.

Much, much better!


Karen said...

It seems to me that boredom is keeping you pretty busy these days. ;op
Love you!

Ash said...

Much better. I have a horrible cabinet, that is really a death trap. It's where all my containers are stored. I always manage to open it and get hit with a wall of falling plastic and lids. You should come do my cabinets.

Ash said...

Perfection. Now, come to my house..please! ;)