Master Bedroom Makeover

We I got an itch to start another project.  Jason not so much, well, he wanted to do a different project.  He thought we should do the mudroom first, I voted for our bedroom.  Guess who won;o)  He sure does love me because he hardly even put up a fight.  So, this is what we started with:

Kinda dark, nothing spectacular, and didn't feel that welcoming or restful.

We got a king bed about a month or so ago, and didn't have a rails or a headboard, as mentioned 2 or 3 posts ago, so we built a headboard.  And we bought some rails.

We started by pulling the batting strips down and "mudding" them, as we did in the bathroom, to make the walls seamless.  This took about 3 days.  You should have seen the house, there wasn't a single surface untouched by the drywall dust.  That was a really huge challenge for my OCD nature, but I got past it.  Well, not totally, but enough so that I didn't lose my mind.  We drug our mattress into the living room and slept there for the time being, it was the furthest room from our room, so it wasn't affected by the dust as much.  Here's what it was looking like:

You can see the piles of dust on the floor, this was after the first sanding.

Jason is really getting good at this:)

After the drywall came the paint.  I didn't get a picture of just the paint because we finished it the night right before we left to go home for the weekend, and we finished at like 9 pm and still had to pack.  So, no pictures of that.  Once we got back, we were able to finish up with the touch-ups, baseboards, and ceiling trim.  Then, we put the room back together, and this morning, I FINALLY finished the last few things.  We repainted our bookshelf to match the headboard.  That thing brought out the evil in me.  I seriously sat in the floor and cried for 5 minutes, at least (my sarcastic sweet sister asked me if I actually timed how long I sat and cried).  After painting it...twice with Kilz, and twice with oil based paint...I went to put the shelves back in once it was in place, and since it was a tight fit before, the paint made it even tighter.  So after the shelves getting stuck, hence tearing off chunks of paint, and one of the finishing strips ripping off the front of the top shelf because I was trying to pull it down and forward into place, I sat in the pile of peeled paint, wood shards, and broken shelving and cried.  And maybe said a few things that made it a good thing that I was alone.  But I got the shelves in, and then I hot glued the strip back on the top shelf (I know I should have used wood glue, but needless to say, at this point, I didn't care).  Then I primered it..again..twice.  Once that was dry, I slapped on another coat of paint.  It is not my finest piece of work, but it's not too noticeable now that the stuff is back on the shelves.  I told Jason that we were throwing it away whenever we move.  But for now, it works.  So, without anymore delay, the finished product!  (Sorry about the pictures being kinda dark, it's rainy and really overcast today.)

New bedding.  I am loving light blue and red together these days, so I pieced our bedding together, and am pretty happy with the outcome.  The wall color we used is Hopsack by Valspar (paint and primer in one...which I ♥).

Newly painted star and new curtains that Ashwee found for me.  And then there's that durn bookshelf.

We thought about painting all of the furniture to match the headboard, but I ended up liking the contrast, plus the room is so much lighter now, the darker furniture offsets it nicely.

The iron scroll and candle holders were black, so they got a face lift to match the headboard too.  Then I put together a flower arrangement to match the new colors.

The re-purposed lamp shades:)  Notice the little pillow with numbers on it?  I made that too!  I sewed a linen pillow case for the pillow form and then painted our wedding date on it.  It says "established 3-5-05".

The new baseboards.  Oh, and I believe you can see a left over wood shard.  Grr.

New ceiling trim, too.

So, it's done, and I'm so happy with it.  I feel like it's so peaceful in there now.  And on sunny days, the room just lights up.  Now on to the next project, just not too soon!

Oh, and I know the space over the headboard is blank and boring.  I have big plans for that space too.  My thinking for that space is doing something like this:

I plan on ordering my canvas prints from Walmart's online photo department.  For faux canvas, they cost about 30.00 for 16x20 prints.  The decal is from www.lacybella.com.  They come in all colors too.  Now to choose the right photos!


Karen said...

So very pretty! Y'all worked very hard on this project. It turned out just as you descibed. You need to do a post on how the headboard was made. I'm impressed with that, too!
Great job!

Ash said...

I LOVE IT!! Beautimous :) Can you make over my bedroom now please.. it's on the list of things to do, just hasn't happened yet!

I vote the Kitchen is next! Does my vote count? Probably not huh?

Renea said...

You did a great job! It is beautiful and looks so relaxing! Love your idea for above the bed too!

Jennifer said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE. I need to come visit ;o)

Ash said...

I completely LOVE your bedroom!! It's like a little escape from reality! You did a wonderful job and it is perfect!