Target Practice

This past weekend, I decided (with no opposition) that we needed to do some shooting.  Here in the south, that is a favorite pastime, and a weekend filler.  My sugar britches bought me a .45 last year when we moved out to the middle of nowhere, in the woods.  It makes me feel better to have something for home defense besides an alarm.  After all, like I said, we are out in the country.  And the po-po's wouldn't get here before the burglar killed me and made off with my stuff.  So... I will take matters into my own hands if that day ever comes (praying it never does!).  Anyways, it's a powerful gun, and so I like to shoot it every so often so I don't get rusty.  Oh, and I learned to shoot the .22 as well.  I'd never shot that one before, and I refused to shoot the shotgun again.  Last time, my shoulder hurt for 3 days (I'm a weenie, my 70-something grandmother shot it like a champ, she's hardcore). 

Guns, Clips & Ammo ready to go.

Jason with the Taurus.  He shot me under the table.  I guess I shouldn't be surprised, he is trained to do this stuff.  Still, my competitve side still comes out, and I don't like losing.  Especially that badly.

His target...all shots in the black.  I got 4 in the black, mine is underneath his.

Like my pink ear protection muffs?  Me too, they were in my stocking from Santa this year:)

Having a scope is awesome!  J said this gun could be mine now.  He's going to sand the wood down and paint it pink.  I like it!

My target for the .22.  I did much better with a scope.  I actually got 2 in the red!  But, again, J did better :p  He said, "What do you expect?  I just got off the range!"  So.

My sessy man concentrating.

Wish I could say this was mine;o)  I'll be shooting that many in the red soon enough.


Karen said...

Love it! You look like Sarah Palin with that rifle. Hahaha!
Oh, and pink? Really? Too funny....and I think your manicure looks good as you're shooting. ;op

Ash said...

Please tell me how you look so darn good in EVERY picture you take.. I mean come on.. shooting a gun?!

I laughed at your po po comment. Hilarious.

Rest assured that we will shoot when I come down and together we can beat Matt. Not Jason probably, but Matt is out of practice!!

Love you :)

Karen said...

Etsy ready to go?

Karen said...

Love the new look! Where's the etsy?????????????