Re-purposed Lamp Shades

We have had plain, boring, white lamp shades on our bedside table lamps since we got them, going on 3 years ago.  A brilliant idea came across my path on Pinterest, and after looking at the tutorial, I decided that I could totally handle this project.  The original is pinned here.  It will take you to this lady's blog with instructions on how to do this.  Basically, you sew a million strips of fabric (I used bleached muslin) with a wide stitch down the middle, pull the thread once you are done to create the ruffle, tie it off, and hot glue around and around until the shade is covered (hopefully better than I did, since I burned the fire outta my fingers about 10 times).  Since my shades were already white, I didn't have to cover them first, if yours are a dark or different color from your fabric, you may want to cover them with the same fabric first.  Here is what our lamps looked like before:
After sewing and sewing, and ruffling and ruffling, you are ready to glue.  This was the most time consuming step, but still it only took me about 2 hours (it will probably take more experienced sewers less time than this as I am still pretty new to sewing).  And be careful when pulling your thread to ruffle, work with little sections at a time, and don't pull too hard.  I broke two strips and had to start over on them, it's really aggravating.  My pile of ruffles and the shades ready to go:
And, the finished product!  I was so happy with how they turned out, and they just bring a little bit of frill to our bedroom without being too much for J.

I will show pictures of them on the lamps and in our bedroom as soon as it is all finished and put back together!


Ash said...

OHHHH those are SO cute! I love how they turned out..

I might need some.

Karen said...

Now that is just too cute! They turned out beautifully!
Can't wait to see you!!!

Ash said...

LOVE THESE! I need one for Clara's room!!! How beautiful!

Jennifer said...

SUPER CUTE!!! you clever girl!