Yay, a Giveaway!

It's a giveaway!!!  While the contents of this fun little package are a surprise, I can tell you it's beauty related.

The rules are:
1.  Leave me a comment on this post with your favorite beauty tip or favorite product (be it hair, makeup, accessories, etc.).  It doesn't matter if you've been reading for a while or you are new here, just leave a comment, I will do a drawing so the results are fair!
2.  Make sure to leave your name, and if you have a blog, let me know so I can check yours out too!
3. You have about a week or so, all comments are due in by Saturday, the 28th!  The winner will be announced Sunday, the 29th!

And, that's it!  Good luck!

Oh!  My sister, Ashley, over at Confessions of a Chocolate Junkie, is also hosting a giveaway this week.  Be sure to check her out too, and double your chances of winning a giveaway!


Ash said...

My favorite product is Smashbox High Definition Foundation.. it's AMAZING. Love that stuff.. and Hard Candy lip plumper, I gave you two.. does that mean I get two entries?!

My name is Ashley and you already read my blog.

Karen said...

Ummmm.....my favorite product right now is Kenra hair spray. Smells great and holds like crazy.

I also read your blog. ^._.^
And you know me.
Love you!

Alaina said...

Hmm my favorite product Mudd jewelry, mostly feathers and exotic colors :D

I read your blog :D
My name is Cerebella Hogla.
You're awesome! ;D

Reagan said...

I love using Johnson's Melt Away Stress Lavender & Chamomile Body Wash! It smells so good and leaves your skin really soft!

~Reagan Dowden~

Ash said...

I am no hair, beauty or make-up pro, by any means, BUT, I do love my Merle Norman Lip Pencil. It is better than any other lipstick and lasts all day!

You know my blog! :)
Ashley A

Jason said...

i don't think you need anything you have natural beauty ....i love you

Jennifer said...

YAY for giveaways!

Beauty Tip:
When you haven't gotten enough sleep but have to get up and pretend like you just had the best 10 hours of beauty rest in your life...
Before you put on your foundation, make sure to put a good moisturizer on first. Sleep deprivation tends to dry out your skin, especially under your eyes. If it's really bad, I will even mix a dime size of moisturizer with my foundation and apply :o)
Makes you look bright eyes and bushy tailed!

Love ya!


Shannan Roussel said...

When I was 16 my mom announced to me that my skin was now dying (Thanks Mom!!!) and that I must, must wash my face every night and use a good moisturizer. So, being the obedient type person that I am - going on 26 years later, I hardly ever miss that nightly routine. I have tried lots of things to try to keep me looking "younger", but I think mom's simple advice has the best trick so far. Thanks mom.

Anonymous said...

Shea Moisture Body Srub! Leaves your skin baby soft :)


Renea said...

I've been using Hair One instead of shampoo/conditioner. You buy it at Sally's Beauty Supply. It's just like Wen Hair Care that you see on the infomercials but Cost much much much less!

Aletha said...

I dont really have a tip but as far as product over the last year I have been addicted to cliniques under eye concealer and foundation. I have really dry skin and it's the only makeup I have found that can make your skin feel so smooth and soft after using.....and the concealer is awesome for covering dark circles under your eyes

Lori said...

I like to use MaryKay products.

I used to blog.
I am your friend on facebook.

Lori B

Leslie said...

I have curly-ish hair (very wavy) and I recently read that you can reduce the frizzies by using a cotton t-shirt to dry your hair instead of using a towel. It works! And it defines my waves/curls more.

HerrtheGeek said...

My favorite product (not related to beauty!)...lol, is Awesome General Purpose Cleaner....yes that's right, it's the same stuff you see on a commercial at 2am, and sells for $1.00, you read that right...$1.00. Available at any DOLLAR GENERAL or WALMART. It cleans anything from Printers to Blood stains.....