Homemade Pizza Dough/Breadsticks

Pinterest has become like a drug to me.  I am so addicted and am CONSTANTLY finding yummy looking, new recipes to try.  Not good for my arteries.  Must pace myself.  It's not only good for recipes, but for DIY tutorials, crafts, fashion, etc. etc.  Anyways..after seeing this "pin" and being in the mood for pizza, I tried my hand at making this, pinned here.  (You can click on the link from there to find the recipe.)  It looked so tasty.  So here are a few pics from our afternoon in the kitchen.

Ingredients ready!

Jason watching for the yeast to "foam" and "bubble".  He's been very interested in my kitchen projects lately;o)

 The dough ready to rise.

 An hour and a  half later, size doubled.

 Spread out with minced garlic and butter smeared on top.

Added pepperoni to half since we decided to use the garlic bread recipe (and because of the fact that I didn't have pizza sauce).

Baked, gooey, and ready to eat!

Needless to say, it was delish!  Next time, I think I'm going to try using an alfredo sauce and using spinach, mozzarella, and parmesan as the toppings.  (A take on Cici's spinach pizza.)


Karen said...

I think you need to make this when we come down! It looks so good!
Love you!

Ash said...

Oh my! This looks amazing! Gonna need some of that when we are there.. are you writing down my demands? You need to :)

Love you!

Ash said...

Ohh that does look good! This has been a "Pinterest" weekend at our house, too! Household cleaning tips/tricks, cooking and crafts!:)