Sleepy Boys

A long week at work, and a hard week of being a dog.  I think it's funny they passed out laying the same way, right next to each other.  A boy and his dog, so cute!

**A prayer request please!  After 2 whirlwind days, we are back at the house. We made the quick trip home to see Jason's grandma, we found out Tuesday that she was given 1-2 weeks to live as she is overtaken with cancer.  It was extremely hard to see her like this, especially for Jason.  Grandma "Jo" had a huge hand in raising him, even more so after his mother became more and more absent.  Please keep her and the family in your prayers as she is in a lot of pain, and as many of you know, it is so hard to see a loved one hurt like that.  Thank you in advance for your prayers!**


Karen said...

You know we're praying here. I'm sure we'll see you back here pretty soon, too. I pray it will be an easy transition from this earth to her heavenly home.
Yes, the pup did have a stressful time here b/c of the kittys around this house, but he loved the romping outdoors he got to do. He also checked out some cows along the way. I'm pretty sure he's all tuckered out! That picture is so funny b/c I never realized how much Kojak looks like he's wearing cami just like Jason! Too funny!
Love you all!!!

Jennifer said...

definitely praying for Grandma "Jo" and for peace for all of you during this tough time

Jason said...

i really am not that fat in the pic its the way i was laying. Thank you guys for the prayers

Renea said...

Praying for you guys & Grandma Jo!