I finally convinced Jason that aviator sunglasses were HOT!  I think all I had to say was that the volleyball Top Gun scene USED to be (not since I met and married the most handsome man anywhere) my favorite movie scene of ALL time, and that he kind of reminds me of Ice Man (Val Kilmer) in his beautiful days (have you seen him lately..not so much now).  He then told me that they were Navy, NOT marines, and so it would have been better if they were marines.  But anyways, the next day we found a pair at a surf shop and I assured him it was just as good as I had anticipated;o)  Of course he bought them.  I was a happy girl. 

Sessy man...


Ash said...

LOL that's awesome. I love those! I must get Matt some. That scene in Top Gun is delicious. Val Kilmer now not so much.

Karen said...

Funny how TOP GUN spans the generations. You guys were wee babes when it came out. Remember when Daddy used to test out his speakers with that movie?????
And Val Kilmer looks like he does because he's MY AGE!!!
Move on, girls, move on....:op

Jennifer said...

"Hey, Goose! You big stud!"

(first thoughts when I saw that pic! hahaha!)