I Think We're Covered!

New swim trunks - ü
Kite for flying at the beach - ü
Water Cannons for the water war that will surely ensue once in the pool - ü
Splash Football - ü
Beach Ball - ü
Blow Up Pool Baseball - ü
All the ingredients to make a certain boy's fave chocolate chip cookies (with his help of course!) - ü
An Aunt and Uncle ready for their nephew to visit next week - üü

Our sweet nephew (along with his Mommy and Daddy) is coming to visit next week, to be followed by the rest of the family on Friday for my birthday:)  I have the best family ever!  I love y'all and can't wait to see each one of you next week!


Karen said...

Yep! I believe you have everything you'll need. :oP Can't wait to get there next week! You always make everyone comfy, and we eat really good, too. :o)
Love you!

Renea said...

Hope you all have a great time! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Jennifer said...

YAY for 29th Birthdays :o) I hope you have all have a BLAST!!! LOVE YOU!