Tinkering Tuesday

I decided that my front door wreath needed some sprucing up.  It was looking a little sad and faded.  So, a trip to Walmart for flowers, a glue gun, and some ribbon was in order!



Much better, if I do say so myself!


Renea said...


Ash said...

Very pretty! You did a good job!!

Carolina Gal said...

Ahhh...much fuller and prettier!

Ash said...

I will expecting my new wreath when you come home. I like purple flowers. Thanks.


G Man said...

You have made your home so beautiful and inviting. Thank you for the week you and Jason gave us. We throughly enjoyed the time together. We look forward to coming back down in a couple of months and maybe doing some fishing. P.S. I like your music selection. I see that all the music I made you endure during your impressionable years paid off.