Thankful Thursday

Ok, so I know I've missed a few days on my daily blogging, but being today is Thankful Thursday, I figured it was a good day to pick back up:)  Today, I'm so extremely thankful for the BEAUTIFUL weather!  Today's high is 68, and tomorrow is 75!  The rest of the week will be mid to upper 60's.  Yep, I already have the windows open and I'm letting the fresh air in!  It smells heavenly, like grass and ocean water:)  The fresh air is sweeping through the house, hopefully taking with it any sicky germs left in here (after I had the flu and Jason's sick now with a sinus infection).  I have been lysol queen (or princess, since my mom is THE lysol queen;o)), so there shouldn't been any active germs in here, but just in case, it's another good reason to have the house opened up!  So, I hope you are all enjoying this wonderful weather, and I'm hoping it's here to stay:)


Renea said...

ME TOO! I'm so sick of winter! Even if I do have to enjoy it from inside for the next few weeks:)

Carolina Gal said...

I would be thrilled with opening our windows and letting in the fresh breezes. I just can't do that with Dad's allergies. I am looking forward to warmer temps today. Yesterday felt wonderful!

Yes, I am the Lysol queen, but there's another one at Daddy's work. I'm glad Lesia is good at spraying everything down, since Brian had the flu the past two weeks.

Any chance you have to call yourself a "princess", huh?! :op

Love you,

Christie Belle said...

Renea, open your windows or have Josh set you up something where you can recline and have your feet up on the back porch one day!

Momma, maybe we will be able to have the windows open down here when y'all come in a few weeks since he does better at the beach! And yes, I will always be a princess, now matter how old I get, lol! Thank goodness for germaphobes at work too...never can be too careful! Love you too:)

Lori said...

HI Christie Belle
So glad I happened upon your blog.

I keep up with you on facebook, but glad I found your blog again.

I haven't blogged in 2 yrs, but considering blogging again.

Your weather sounds wonderful.
It has been 50's here lately, but sounds like we are in for rain, freezing rain, and lots of snow. Bummer. Just when a lot of snow was melting.

Christie Belle said...

Hey Lori, welcome back!

It's definately been nice here, but getting a little colder again, nothing like snow and freezing rain though! Stay safe and warm in the nasty weather!